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• 9/3/2018
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• 8/1/2018
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• 8/21/2017

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• 5/4/2016

Side View of Blaze

Hi, I am looking for a full on Side View of Blaze, either looking left or looking right. May be there is a clip from him going down the street and from a side alley the picture shows a Side view of Blaze.
Thank you
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• 4/3/2016

How About a Train episode in BLAZE?

What I'd like is a train episode (I'm obsessed with trains,) or an episode that features a train. Well, truth be told, I'd like an episode with a railroad crossing in it, I'm way more interested in that.
This is something I like to see in just about every cartoon/animated show, and since this is a cartoon about vehicles, why not? 
It can be an episode about raiload safety
Or it doesn't have to be, the characters just happen to be on their way somewhere and cross a railroad track along the way, or better yet, stop for a train. 
And I hope the crossing has flashing red lights and gates.  Like this on Bubble Guppies And this would also be nice but doesn't have to happen, the gate having lights on it.
Or maybe not a railroad crossing or trains but a drawbridge, but one protected by gates.
This is just something I want to see and something I'd like to see. If there's such an episode and if any of you see it before I do, can somebody please let me know?
Thank you
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• 9/7/2015

The Fanon Wiki has been created!

Check it out!
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• 12/2/2014

What is the announcers name?

What is the announcer trucks name?
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• 11/13/2014
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