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Axle City.

Axle City is a major location in Blaze and the Monster Machines. It is Blaze and AJ's hometown, and it's where most of the series' events take place. Its actual location remains unknown, but it does have a Maglev train station. The population consists of mostly trucks and cars.

Its location is unknown, but judging by the ending shot of Robots in Space, it is possibly in either northern Florida or southern Georgia.

Points of Interest


Axle City Garage


Crab Warehouse

Egg Warehouse

Glue Factory

Recycling Plant

Pie Factory

Toy Factory

Toy Store

Yogurt Factory


Monster Dome



Maglev Train Station



S1E10 Not at the restaurant either.png
An unknown restaurant. It appears in The Bouncy Tires, Fired Up! and Rocket Ski Rescue.

Breakfast Cafe

S2E20 Auto-Vac sucks up pancakes.png
A restaurant that sells foods eaten at breakfast, predominantly pancakes. Auto-Vac once sucked up some pancakes here.


S2E20 Pizzeria serving pizza.png
A restaurant that sells pizza. Auto-Vac once sucked up some pizza here.

Meatball Restaurant

S4E8 Restaurant.png
A restaurant that serves predominantly spaghetti and meatballs. Crusher works here as the chef, while Pickle is the waiter.

Paulina's Pizza

S4E13 Pizza restaurant finished.png
A pizza restaurant owned by Paulina. Blaze, Stripes and Starla helped construct it.



Starla's Ranch

S1E11 Starla's barn.png
A ranch in the countryside outside the city. Starla lives here. Known farm animals include pigs and cows.

Zeg's Cave

S1E11 Blaze and Starla reach Zeg's cave.png
A prehistoric-style cave in the badlands. Zeg lives here.

Stripes' Treehouse

S1E8 Exterior of Stripes' treehouse.png
A treehouse in the jungle. Stripes lives here. Animals surrounding include monkeys, parrots, frogs, and a panda bear.