Blaze and the Monster Machines is an app from the TV show of the same name where you can get to play and race as Blaze.

How to play

Today is Racing Day and Blaze & AJ are getting prepared. You can either swipe left or right or tilt side-to-side to steer Blaze during races. Avoid adhesion and collect tire chains to create traction.


  • The Badlands - Race against Starla & Crusher and avoid obstacles
  • Light Riders - Race Crusher & Pickle
  • Velocityville - Help Blaze overtake Crusher & Darington where these Monster Machines have transformed into race cars
  • The Race to the Top of the World - You'll never know what things appear on the road and defeat Zeg & Crusher
  • Dragon Island - Drive around stuff that will slow you down and beat Stripes & Crusher
  • The Snowy Slopes - Get ready for one cool race with Starla & Crusher
  • The Monster Dome - Help Blaze beat Starla & Crusher and avoid stuff like sticky hot fudge

Instrumental music in game


  • Trajectory (driving over ramps)
  • Adhesion (sticky stuff on the road)
  • Force (pushing or blasting through barrels, crates, etc.)
  • Traction (collecting tire chains)
  • Velocity (travelling fast in one direction)



  • AJ is voiced by Caleel Harris like he did in the second-third seasons.
  • The tracks, The Top of the World, VelocityVille, Dragon Island, and Light Riders are in-app purchases.
  • AJ does not speak in the first issue of this game, but he does for the others.
  • For another update, Bump Bumperman says, "Blaze and AJ win the gold/silver/bronze trophy!" compared to how he said it before: "Blaze wins the gold/silver/bronze trophy!"


  • The first update had a problem. When Starla (or Stripes if you're on Dragon Island) crosses the finish line last, sometimes Bump Bumperman would swap their names around.

Force STEM

  • On Each Part of a race you will earn a Stem Using correct Stem Power.
  • Sometimes in a race you get POWER BOOST on Light Riders for stem.
  • Sometimes Crusher will hijack you during races.
  • Battle Race Mode is now new! Just 78 cents.