Blaze of Glory Transcript


The episode and series opens with a shot of the sky. Pans down to a crop field as something speeds through; up hops a monster truck, Blaze, along with his driver, a boy named AJ.
Blaze Woo-hoo!!
AJ Yeah!
Blaze lands and speeds forward until he comes out of the field.
AJ Hahaha! Faster, Blaze!
Blaze jumps off a hill and does a barrel roll in the air.
Blaze Whoa! Ha ha ha!
He lands and the view cuts to the crop field as he leaps over and lands to face the viewer.
Blaze Hey, I'm Blaze. And up there in my driver's seat - that's AJ.
AJ (waves) Hi.
Blaze He's my best friend, and the best driver a Monster Machine like me could ever have.
AJ Look, Blaze. See that hill? (Shows hill in distance) I bet it would make an awesome jump.
Blaze Do you wanna see me do a super monster jump?
Pause. Wait for the viewer to respond "Yes."
Blaze All right! AJ, give me some speed!
Blaze takes off and jumps the hill.
Blaze Whoa! Whoohoohoo!!
AJ Whoohoo!
Blaze lands in a pile of leaves; AJ jumps out.
AJ That was great! We went so high!
Blaze (Comes out of the leaves; some of them have formed a mustache over his mouth) Yea-heh, we really -
AJ (laughs)
Blaze What? What's so funny?
AJ Blaze, it looks like you have a mustache! (Both laugh)
Blaze and AJ (Laugh)
Blaze Oh, yeah? Well, wait 'til you see this... (Ducks down, then stands up; now he has leaves making a weird hairdo on his hood) Now it looks like I have crazy hair!
Blaze and AJ (laugh)
Blaze (Ducks down, stands up; now the leaves form the ears and trunk of an elephant) And now I look like an elephant! (trumpets)
Blaze and AJ (laugh)
Blaze comes out of the leaves, now clean again.
AJ Blaze, I like you best just the way you are.
Blaze Thanks, AJ. Now, let's keep going. Oh! Only this time, let's go faster than we've ever gone before!
AJ Yeah! Check it out!
Blaze's middle back folds up like a spoiler and special jets come out.
AJ These boosters can make Blaze go super fast!
The jets light up blue.
AJ That's Blazing Speed! But Blazing Speed only works if we give Blaze the power. (Boards Blaze)
Blaze To give me Blazing Speed, I need you to say "Leeeeet's Blaze!" Come on, say it with me.
Blaze and AJ Leeeeet's Blaze!
Blaze crouches down, the flame sticker on his doors glowing, and he launches himself into a really fast speed boost. A red and gold contrail pours out from the jets.
Blaze does several tricks.
Blaze Whoo-hoo-hoo!
AJ Whoooooo!!! Yeah, whoo!
More tricks. Suddenly, rocks on a cliff start to vibrate and drop.
AJ (gasps) Look out, Blaze! Falling rocks!
Blaze (dodges them) Yee-ah! Ah, whoa! Whoo-hoo!!
They drop down a hill.
Blaze and AJ WHOA!!!
Blaze honks as he hops right through a billboard. He lands on a street in a nearby city, crashing into some traffic cones. He stands up.
AJ Check it out, Blaze. We're in Axle City.
Various cars and trucks are going about their lives. Blaze spots an arena up the street.
Blaze And look, there's the Monster Dome, where all the big races happen!
AJ (to the viewer:) Come on, let's go check it out!
Blaze and AJ enter the Monster Dome; inside, a track is set up.
AJ Whoa...check out the size of that racetrack.
Blaze I wish I could race on a track like that. I wanna be a Monster Machine Racer more than anything in the whole world!
AJ Someday you will, Blaze. I just know it.
An announcer, Bump Bumperman, takes his place on a podium.
Bump Helloooooo, racing fans! Check your tire pressure and buckle your seatbelts, this is gonna be...the biggest...race...ever! To win, the racers will have to jump the highest jumps, turn the twistiest turns, and loop the biggest loops! It's the Monster Machine World Championship!
A gold trophy rises out of the podium; crowd applauds as fireworks go off. Blaze and AJ walk down a pit row.
AJ The Monster Machine World Championship? We've gotta stay and watch! This is gonna be the biggest race in the whole - (bumps into a toolbox) Oops. (gasps) Sorry about that.
Before them is a girl named Gabby, a mechanic. She helps AJ pick the tools up.
Gabby That's okay. It was an accident. My name is Gabby.
Blaze Hi, Gabby. I'm Blaze, and this is AJ.
AJ Hey, what's that you're working on?
Gabby I'm fixing a spark plug for one of the Monster Machines in today's race.
Blaze Whoa. You mean, you know the racers?!
Gabby Sure I do! I'm a mechanic. I fix all the Monster Machines.
AJ Wow! That's so cool!
Gabby Hey, would you two like to come meet some of the racers?
Blaze (gasps) Oh, that would be awesome!
Gabby (giggles) Well, okay! Follow me!
Gabby leads them to another pit row; three other monster trucks are practicing.
Gabby There they are - the fastest Monster Machines in the whole world.
The first truck, Stripes, is standing on the ground.
Stripes Tiger claws! (spikes pop out of his tires) Rawwr! (hops onto a tree in his pit)
Gabby Hi, Stripes.
Stripes Hi, Gabby.
Blaze Wow! Can you believe it? Stripes is a tiger truck!
AJ Yeah! And he's great at climbing.
Gabby Hey, Stripes. I fixed that spark plug for ya.
Stripes Great! Be right down!
Stripes hops out of the tree and Gabby installs his spark plug.
Gabby Well, that oughta do it.
Stripes Thanks, Gabby! Now time to get out there for the big race! Rawwr! (drives away)
Starla YEE-HAW!
The second truck, Starla, is twirling a lasso.
Starla Yip, yip, yip! (continues under)
Gabby This is Starla. She's a cowgirl truck. Go on, Starla. Show them what you can do with that lasso.
Starla (doing lasso tricks) Yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, yippee! Alright!
AJ Wow!
Blaze You're amazing!
Starla Hoo-wee! Thanks, fellers. Now I'd better skedaddle! Haha. I gotta get to the startin' line! (away she goes)
Blaze Good luck, Starla!
The third truck, Darington, is doing various tricks.
Darington Whoo! Hahaha! All right!
Gabby Over there, that's Darington.
Blaze Wow, he must really like doing tricks.
Gabby Darington? He loves doing tricks!
Darington Is someone looking for... (singing) DARINGTOOOOOOOON!!!!! (hops into the air; hits the ground) Agh! Ooh... (giggles; stands up) Whew, I'm dizzy.
Blaze, AJ, and Gabby (laugh)
Darington leaves.
Blaze Have a good race, Darington!
They approach a fourth pit with no truck in it.
Gabby This area here is for Zeg, the dinosaur truck.
AJ Uh...Gabby? There's no one here.
Gabby Oh, you're right.
Blaze (to the viewer:) Let's try calling to him. Say "Ze-eg!"
Blaze, AJ and Gabby Ze-eg!
Zeg (bursts through the wall) ZEEEEEEG!
Blaze, AJ, Gabby and Zeg (laugh)
Gabby Silly Zeg. You'd better get moving. It's almost time for the race.
Zeg Yippee! Zeg love racing! (leaves)
Blaze Wow, all those racers are pretty incredible!
Gabby (suddenly uneasy) Yeah...but there's still one racer you haven't seen yet. And...well...he's not as nice as the others.
A horn sounds; a mean monster truck, Crusher, pushes his way to the front of a crowd.
Crusher Out of my way! Me first! Me first!
Gabby His name is Crusher, and he thinks he's the best racer ever. That guy will do anything to win.
He is followed by a smaller truck, Pickle, who unlike him, is very polite.
Pickle Uh, pardon me. Excuse me, sorry. Ha, sorry, I'm with him. Excuse me. (sets up the construction marker Crusher knocked over)
Gabby And that's Pickle. He follows Crusher everywhere.
Pickle WAIT FOR ME, CRUSHER! (catches up to him)
Crusher Here we are, Pickle - the championship race!
Pickle Oh, I can't wait to see who's gonna win! I mean, it could be Stripes, or-or maybe Zeg, or Starla - she's pretty fast.
Crusher No, Pickle. I'm gonna win this race! Me, me, me! And you know why?
Pickle Oh, oh, oh! Um, um, um, Why?
Crusher I'm gonna win because... (whispers) I'm gonna cheat! (snickers) Take a look!
The lightning bolts on Crusher's paint job start to glow and a bag on his chassis opens up, releasing a bunch of junk which assemble into a machine.
Crusher I made a Trouble Bubble Wand!
Crusher blows through the wand, creating giant bubbles that float toward the Monster Machines and engulf them.
Darington Hey!
Starla What in tarnation?!?
Stripes Rawwwwr!
Zeg Zeg floating!
Crusher (snickers) My Trouble Bubbles are gonna carry you all far away, and then I'll get to race all by myself! (laughs loudly)
Darington, Starla, Stripes and Zeg Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
Blaze, AJ and Gabby watch, shocked.
AJ Oh no! The racers are flying away in those bubbles!
Gabby (gasps) It's Crusher!
Crusher is still making Trouble Bubbles.
Gabby He made the bubbles!
Blaze Come on, AJ! We have to do something! (speeds over)
Crusher (devious laughter)
Pickle (spots Blaze) Hey, uh, Crusher? Another truck is headed this way, and...I don't think he likes what you just did.
Crusher Oh, yeah? Well, then I'll just get rid of him, too!
He blows one last bubble which traps Blaze and AJ.
Blaze Lugnuts! Now we're trapped in a bubble! Hang on, AJ!
Blaze and AJ WHOA!!!
Gabby Oh no!
Blaze and AJ WHOA!!!
They float out of a hole in the roof over the city.
Blaze (gasps)
AJ Whoaaaaa!!!
Now they're over a forest.
AJ Haaaang on!!
Now they float towards a desert canyon. The bubble begins to shake.
Blaze Hey, look! The bubble! I think it's about to -- (It pops.) POP!
They drop down out of the sky.
Blaze, AJ (screaming)
Blaze Whoa...
AJ Look out, Blaze!
Blaze and AJ (screaming)
At last they land and stop.
Blaze Whew! What a ri-ide!
AJ (gets off) Hey Blaze, where do you think we are?
Blaze I don't know, AJ. But we're far from Axle City, that's for sure.
Stripes (in distance) HELLOOOOO?!! CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?!!
AJ (gasps) That sounds like Stripes, the tiger truck! But...I don't see him!
Blaze Me neither. (to the viewer:) Help us look for Stripes. Where is the tiger truck?
Stripes floats above them. The viewer is expected to call out where he is; his bubble lights up.
Blaze Yeah! There he is!
AJ Stripes!
Blaze Stripes! Down here!
Stripes Blaze! AJ! Oh, boy am I glad to see you - (his bubble pops) - OOOOOOH! (he lands in some vines) RRRAAAWWWW!! Oh no! I'm tangled in these vines!
Blaze Hang in there, Stripes! We'll find a way to get you out of there!
AJ But Blaze, Stripes is up really high. How are we gonna climb up to him?
Blaze (pauses for a moment) Ooh! I have an idea! (AJ boards; drives over to some ramps) We can use these rocks to help us jump to the top!
AJ (to the viewer:) The rocks are shaped like ramps, and if we drive really fast up a ramp, it'll launch us up in the air. Let's check them out. Switching to Visor View.
He presses a button on his helmet; an orange visor lowers over his eyes, turning the whole scene orange. Cut to problem interface.
AJ If we drive up this purple ramp, we'll go this high. And if we drive up the steeper orange ramp, we'll go this high. Which ramp gets us to the top of the ledge?
The orange ramp is the correct one to take; the viewer shouts out the answer, and said ramp lights up.
AJ The orange ramp, yeah! It's steeper, so we'll go higher!
Blaze Let's do it, AJ! (jumps off the ramp) Yeah-ah!
AJ It worked, Blaze! We made it!
Stripes Whoa...WHOA!! (some vines break; he gasps) Blaze, AJ, the vines are starting to break!
Blaze Gaskets! We have to get to Stripes fast!
AJ Over there!
Cut back to interface.
AJ A green ramp and a yellow ramp.
Blaze Which ramp gets us to the top of the ledge?
Both ramps show their trajectory, the green ramp is the one to take; viewer shouts out the answer.
Blaze The green one! It's got just the right steepness!
AJ Go for it, Blaze! (Blaze jumps off the ramp.) All right, we made it!
Stripes (as more vines break) Oh no!
Blaze Hang on, Stripes!
AJ Look, two more ramps!
Cut back to interface; ramps show their trajectory.
AJ Which ramp gets us to the ledge?
The blue one is the one to take; viewer shouts the answer.
AJ That blue one!
Blaze (jumps said ramp) Oh, yeah!
Stripes (as more vines break) WHOA!!!!!
Blaze (gasps) Stripes is barely hanging on!
AJ Hurry! Just one more jump!
Back to the interface.
Blaze Check it out - three ramps! Which ramp should we use?
The red one is the one to take; audience responds.
Blaze The red one! All right, AJ, give me some speed!
Blaze zooms forward; the last of the vines break, letting Stripes fall. Blaze sounds his horn and catches him just in time.
Blaze Gotcha! (they land.)
Stripes Wow, you saved me! (hugs Blaze) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Blaze Oh-ho, you're welcome, Stripes! But are you sure you're okay?
Stripes Yeah...I just wish I wasn't so far away. I so wanted to be in that championship race, but...oh, I'll never make it back in time.
Blaze Hey, don't give up, Stripes. We'll help you make it back. We just have to drive as fast as we can.
AJ I know! Let's use Blazing Speed!
Blaze flips around; his back opens up as before to lets the booster jets out, and they fire up.
Stripes Whoa!
Blaze (to the viewer:) Remember, to make me go super fast, I need you to say "Leeeet's Blaze!" Come on, say it with me.
Blaze and AJ Leeeeet's...Blaze!!
Like before, he crouches down, flame stickers glowing, then launches off as the red and gold contrail pours out of the boosters.
Blaze Whoohoo!!!
AJ Hahaha!
Stripes He is fast! RRRRAWWWRRR!!! (follows) Whoo-hoo! (laughs and catches up)
Blaze Monster Machine World Championship...
Blaze and Stripes Here we come!
They give each other a high tire and continue speeding through the desert; a travel song begins to play in the background.
Blaze and AJ Whoa...
AJ Here we go, there's nothing to it
Rev it up
Yeah, we can do it
Moving at the speed of light
Prepare to be amazed
Blaze and AJ Let's Blaze!
AJ Come on!
Blaze and AJ Let's Blaze!
Blaze It's time!
Blaze and AJ Let's Blaze!
AJ We're pickin' up steam!
Blaze and AJ Let's Blaze!
Blaze We make a great team!
Blaze and AJ Let's Blaze!
Gimmie some speed!
Let's Blaze!
They zoom toward a forest as the song ends. Back at the Monster Dome, Bump is announcing.
Bump Ladies and gentletrucks! Fasten your seatbelts, because the Monster Machine World Championship is starting soon!
The audience cheers, two in particular being overeager fans, Joe and Gus.
Gus Yeah!
Joe I can't wait, I can...not...wait!
Bump But first, there’s one change for today's race - it seems all the racers have mysteriously disappeared, except for...Crusher!
Crusher is at the start, waving; crowd gasps.
Crusher (snickers)
Gabby Oh no! If the other racers don’t make it back in time, Crusher's gonna win the race! And get the trophy!
Crusher (snickers and drives up to Pickle holding some cotton candy) This is great! I'm gonna be the only one in the race!
Pickle Yup, you’re sure to win, now. So sit back and relax,, have some of my cotton candy.
Crusher Ick! No, ugh...Pickle!
Pickle Oh, come on!
Crusher Ugh, too sticky!
Pickle I just think you'll like it!
Crusher Euch, no!
Pickle Okay, I understand. You don’t want any, so...i'll just keep it over here, where it's far away, and...
He is next to a blowing fan; the cotton candy flies off and sticks to Crusher's head.
Crusher Aw... (sighs)
Blaze and Stripes drive through the forest; Stripes sniffs the air.
Stripes Hey, wait up, Blaze. I'm picking up a scent. (sniffs again)
Blaze What? What do you smell?
Stripes I think... (sniffs) ...there's another Monster Machine nearby.
AJ (dismounts) I wonder where.
Blaze (to the viewer:) Where do you see another Monster Machine?
Darington drives on a hillside behind them; viewer responds.
Blaze Yeah! It’s Darington, the racer who loves doing tricks!
Stripes Darington, over here!
Darington (singing) DARINGTOOOOOOOON!!!!! (jumps off a hill) Dueeeeeyyy...whoa...whoa!! (hits the ground)
Blaze and Stripes Yeah-heh!/Whoa-ho!
Stripes Hey, Darington!
Darington Boy, am I glad to see you guys. You'll never guess what I saw out here in these woods!
AJ What? What did you see?
Darington Grizzly trucks!
Blaze, AJ and Stripes (gasp)
Blaze Grizzly trucks?!
Stripes What did you do?!
Darington Well, I sped away from them as fast as I could, but wherever I went, those grizzlies were right behind me!
Blaze, AJ and Stripes Wow!
AJ So, how did you get away?
Darington Ah, I didn't. They’re still right behind me.
Blaze (to the viewer:) you see any trucks that look like bears?
A group of grizzly bear trucks appear on the hill; viewer responds.
Blaze Yeah...that's them!
The grizzlies drive in their direction. AJ quickly mounts Blaze.
Stripes (screams) Let’s get outta here!!
The grizzlies chase them.
Blaze, AJ, Stripes and Darington (indistinct screaming)
Blaze Guys, over here!
They hide in a bush so the grizzlies go on their way. Blaze peeks out.
AJ I think we lost them...for now, anyway.
They jump out; Darington spits out some leaves.
Blaze, AJ and Stripes (laugh)
Blaze This way, guys!
They approach a river.
Stripes Uh-oh, a river!
Darington Oh man, oh man, we've gotta get across! But w-we don't have much time before the grizzlies catch up!!
Blaze Hmm...I know! We can float across the river. Quick, everyone look for something we can float on.
They search the forest.
Blaze Hmm...
They regroup and present their ideas.
Stripes I found a big, flat piece of wood!
Darington (grunts) I found a rock...!
Blaze And I found this curved piece of wood. (to the viewer:) Remember, we need something that can float us down the river. Which do you think will float?
Viewer shouts out their answer.
Blaze Oh, yeah? Well, let's test our ideas out and see what floats.
They toss their ideas into the river; the wood pieces float while the rock sinks.
Blaze Look! What happened to the rock?
Viewer responds.
Blaze It sank straight to the bottom!
AJ I guess we can't use that to float across the river.
Darington Aha! But both pieces of wood are floating, we can get away on those! (singing) DARINGTOOOOOOOON!!!!! (jumps to the flat wood) Ta-da!
He begins to stumble and sink.
Blaze Uh-oh! Darington made the wood too heavy!
AJ Now the water is coming up over the sides!
Darington Huh? W-what's goin' on here?
Blaze Darington, you're sinking!
Stripes Jump!
Darington Whoaaaaa!!! (jumps to the curved wood) Ta-da?
Blaze (to the viewer:) Look at the wood Darington is on now. Is it sinking or floating?
Viewer responds "floating."
Blaze Yeah! It's floating! Even with Darington inside, curved wood has the tall sides to keep the water out.
The grizzlies' roaring is heard.
Blaze, Stripes and Darington (gasp)
Stripes Here come the grizzlies!
They're coming down the hill.
Blaze Quick! Everybody in!
They jump into the wood.
Blaze Whoo-hoo!
Stripes Rawr!
AJ Yeah!
Their wood boat starts floating away just as the grizzlies arrive.
Darington Ha-ha! So long, grizzlies!
They enjoy their ride on the river; a STEM song begins to play in the background.
Blaze Does it float, or sink?
Try it out, see what you think
AJ It helps to be shaped, kind of like a bowl
Just check and make sure it doesn't have a hole!
Blaze and AJ We, ee, ee, got buoyancy!
Our boat has the power to float
We, ee, ee, got buoyancy!
Our boat has the power to float
AJ Cause when a river's raging all around,
You don't want to sink, sink, sink on down
Blaze and AJ We, ee, ee, got buoyancy!
Our boat has the power to float (We've got buoyancy)
The song ends. Back at the Monster Dome, Pickle talks with Crusher.
Pickle Well, Crusher, it looks like your cheating might've actually worked. No one's here for the race except for you.
Crusher Oh yeah, that's right!

(sings:) I'm the best, I'm the best!
And no one's gonna be in the race except for
Me-me-me-me, me-me, meeeeee!

Gabby Not so fast, Crusher! Ya might wanna take a look up there!
On the jumbotron, Blaze, Stripes and Darington get out of their wood boat.
Gabby Blaze is helping some of the racers get back!
Crusher What?! (stumbles and trips)
Crowd (indistinct cheering and applause)
Pickle Well, what do you know? That Blaze guy is helping them - maybe they'll even make it back in time for the race!
Crusher Oh, no, no, noooo!!! I wanna be the only one in the race!!! (storming off) I've gotta think of something, Pickle. I need some way to cheat and stop those racers from getting here! (gets an idea) I've got it! (Pickle bumps into him) I can build something to stop them! (snickers evilly) They'll never get past this...
Once again, his lightning bolts light up, his bag opens, and junk flies out of such and out of the Monster Dome, assembling into a machine.
Crusher It's my...Mechanical Mudslinger!
It lands in a field and begins scooping up mud and shooting; commercial break. Restarts from the mudslinger shooting, which fly in the direction of Blaze, Stripes and Darington.
AJ (gasps) Look out! Giant mud balls!
Blaze, Stripes and Darington (screaming)
Darington Oh no, oh no!!
Blaze Quick! Everyone, hide behind that hill!
They hide.
Stripes Whoa, check out that mudslinger. It's humongous!
Blaze Crusher must've made it to keep us from getting back to the race!
Darington What are we gonna do, Blaze?!
Blaze Don't worry, AJ and I can figure out a way to get past a mudslinger.
AJ Hmm...I bet we could stop those mud balls with...a really big sprinkler!
Blaze Yeah! Sprinklers shoot out water really fast!
AJ And with enough power, the water could blast away the mud balls!
Blaze (to the viewer:) Come on, let's build one!
An interface appears, darkening the background slightly and bringing up outlines on Blaze for a sprinkler transformation sequence.
Blaze First, we need a hose for the water to go through. To build one, say "Hose." Hose!
Hose materializes.
Blaze Great! Now we need a nozzle that shoots the water out. Say "Nozzle." Nozzle!
Nozzle materializes.
Blaze And last, we need a spring-loaded arm. It's what moves the sprinkler around. Say "Spring-loaded arm." Spring-loaded arm!
Spring-loaded arm materializes.
Blaze Check me out! I'm a Sprinkler Mmmmmmonster Machine!!
Blaze jumps into the air and spins around, transforming into a sprinkler.
Stripes Whoa!
Darington You look amazing, Blaze!
AJ Wow!
Blaze Thanks, guys. Now come on, time to blast some mud balls!
Blaze honks and starts off, the mudslinger flings a mud ball.
AJ There's one!
Blaze (to the viewer:) Help me blast it with a really powerful shot of water from my sprinkler. Shout "Sprinkler!" Sprinkler!
Cut to interface; Blaze jumps off a hill and sprays the mud ball, squishing it.
Blaze Ha-ha! Got it!
AJ Here comes another!
Blaze Sprinkler!
He sprays that one as well.
AJ Nice shot, Blaze!
Blaze Sprinkler!
He sprays a third one.
Blaze and AJ Whoo, yeah!/Whoo! Whoa!
Blaze Sprinkler!
He sprays a fourth one; the mudslinger continues flinging.
Blaze More mud balls headed this way!
He sprays the mud balls one by one.
Blaze Sprinkler!
AJ Whoo, yeah! Ha-ha-ha!
Blaze Sprinkler!
One more mud ball flings in their direction.
AJ Whoa! Blaze, here comes the biggest mud ball yet!
Blaze Quick, help me blast it! Shout "Sprinkler!" Sprinkler!
He sprays the mud ball and the mudslinger, destroying it and reducing it to the junk parts it was made from.
Blaze Oh-ho-ho, YEAH! (turns back to normal) We stopped the mudslinger!
Stripes and Darington join.
Stripes That was incredible!
Darington (high tires Blaze) The best sprinkler-ing I've ever seen!
Blaze Thanks, guys. Now let's get moving.
AJ Yeah, we've gotta get you back in time for the race!
Blaze (to the viewer:) Come on, let's use Blazing Speed and go super fast!
He deploys his speed boosters yet again.
Blaze To give me Blazing Speed, say "Leeeeet's Blaze!"
Blaze and AJ Leeeeeet's Blaze!!
Blaze takes off as before; Stripes and Darington follow.
Stripes Yeah!
Darington Whoo-hoo!
Stripes and Darington (indistinct cheering)
The action is being viewed on the Monster Dome's jumbotron.
Bump Can you believe it, folks? Things were lookin' bad out there, but then Blaze saved the day again! Is there anything this newcomer can't do?
Gabby Go, Blaze! Whoo!!
Crusher slinks past.
Crusher Oh...this is terrible!!
Gus Yeah! That Blaze guy is one tough truck!
Joe You said it! (they high tire)
Crusher Ugh!!!
Pickle is sipping from a cup at a drink stand; Crusher joins.
Pickle Crusher, are you seeing this? Y-your mud machine was all like..."Splat, splat, splat", but then Blaze was like... "Splat, splat, wahoo! Kapowee!!" (slurps)
Crusher (starting to break down) Oh, no, no, no! This is terrible, Pickle! Everybody's cheering for Blaze 'cause he's so great...!!
Pickle Well, yeah. He does seem great.
Crusher No, Pickle, they're supposed to be cheering for me, me, ME! (stomps on the ground until the drink stand topples and spills drinks on him; sighs)
Pickle (slurps)
Blaze, Stripes and Darington drive through a snowy landscape.
AJ Whoa. Blaze, check out all the snow!
Blaze (giggles) This is great! Come on, everyone!
They play in the snow.
Blaze, Stripes and Darington (indistinct cheering and laughter)
Stripes Whoo-hoo!
AJ Yeah-heh-heh-heh!
Blaze Whooooo! Yeah! All right!
Zeg (in distance) Zeeeeeeeeg!!!
They stop.
Darington Hey, that sounds like our friend Zeg, the dinosaur truck!
Blaze (to the viewer:) Where's the dinosaur truck?
Zeg's bubble appears; viewer responds, the bubble lights up.
Blaze Oh, yeah! He's still in that bubble!
Zeg Yoo-hoo! Up here! Whoaaaaaaaa!!! (floats to the top of a mountain) Zeg have to get out of bubble! Zeg smash bubble! ZEEEEEEG!! (his bubble pops) Uh-oh!
He drops to the ground and begins rolling down the mountain in a snowball.
Zeg Whoaaaaaaaa!!!!!
AJ Zeg! Oh no!
Stripes He's rolling away in a giant snowball!
Blaze Don't worry, guys. We'll catch him! (follows after Zeg)
Zeg Whoa! Zeg can't stop rolling! WHOAOAOAOA!!!
Blaze We're comin', Zeg!
Zeg Whoaaaaaaa!!! Aaaaaagh!!!
Blaze (to the viewer:) I need your help to steer me so I can follow him.
AJ Help me steer Blaze. Put your hands up and grab the steering wheel.
Cut to steering interface.
AJ That's it, grab the steering wheel. Yeah! Turn the steering wheel to follow Zeg.
Zeg Whoa!!!
AJ Turn the steering wheel left! Turn!
Blaze Yeah, great driving!
Zeg Whoa...Zeg still rolling!
AJ Turn Blaze to the right! Turn right!
Zeg (screaming)
AJ Keep helping me steer Blaze! Whoa...turn Blaze to the left! Turn the steering wheel!
Zeg Whoa, whoa!!
AJ Turn Blaze to the right!
Zeg approaches a cliff.
Blaze Gaskets! Zeg is headed right for that cliff!
Zeg Whoa-oh, this bad! ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEG!!!!!!
AJ We've gotta go super fast to catch him!
The Blazing Speed boosters deploy.
Blaze Quick! To give me Blazing Speed, say "Leeeeet's Blaze!"
Blaze and AJ Leeeeeet's Blaze!
Blaze takes off.
Zeg Whoa, whoa, whoa!! (flies off the cliff)
Blaze fires his tow hook to grab Zeg.
Zeg (screaming)
Zeg is pulled to safety.
Zeg Oh, Zeg so happy! Blaze save Zeg! (hugs Blaze)
Blaze (giggles) We're just glad you're okay, big guy.
Stripes and Darington join.
Stripes Good work, Blaze and AJ!
Darington Zeg, you're all right!
Zeg Zeg safe and sound.
Blaze But now, we've gotta get you all back to the Monster Dome.
Darington Yeah, the championship race - it's gonna start soon!
Zeg Zeg not want to miss race.
AJ Well then, follow us, everyone!
Blaze Full speed ahead!
Darington Whoo-hoo!
Stripes Rawwr!
Zeg Whee-hee!
They slide down the mountain and arrive at a blocked cave.
Stripes Hmm, looks like we have to go through this cave to get back to the race.
Darington But wait, wha...we can't fit through here.
Blaze Hey Zeg, think you can help us get inside?
Zeg Ooh! Zeg can help with that! (charges) ZEEEEEEEEEEG!
Zeg smashes the rocks away, revealing the cave entrance.
Zeg Ha-ha. That more like it.
Blaze, Stripes and Darington Oh-ho-ho, yeah!/Whoooo!!!/Rawwwwr!
Stripes Good going, Zeg!
Darington Come on, everybody! This way!
They go through the cave.
Starla (in distance, singing:) Yodel-ay-ee...yodel-ay-ee...yodel-ay-ee...
Blaze (gasps) Listen, someone is singing.
Starla (in distance, singing:) I'm lost in a caddy, gotta get out of this place,
Won't someone help me get back to the race?
Stripes (sniffs) It sounds like it's coming from...down there!
Starla is in a hole.
Starla (singing:) Yodel-ay-ee...yodel-ay-ee...yodel-ay-ee...
AJ It's Starla, the cowgirl truck!
Darington Hey Starla! Up here!
Starla Huh? Well, bust my bumpers! I've been found! Hey, hey, hey, y'all gotta help me, I'm down in this hole, and...AND I CAN'T GET OUT!!
Blaze Sit tight, Starla! All your friends are here, and we'll get you out...somehow!
AJ spots something.
AJ Blaze, check this out! It's a pulley!
Blaze Oh, yeah! (to the viewer:) The pulley has a rope that goes through it with a bucket on each end. When one bucket goes down, the other one will come up.
AJ We can use this to get Starla out of the hole.
Blaze Starla, climb into that blue bucket!
Starla Okeydoke! YEEEEEEEEEEE-HAW!! (jumps into such)
Blaze Now, let's fill the green bucket with heavy stuff, so that it goes down and Starla comes up.
Starla heavy are we talkin' about?
AJ Let's find out. Switching to Visor View.
He deploys his visor from before; cut to interface.
AJ My visor says that Starla weighs 12. So we need to put things in the green bucket until it weighs more than 12.
Blaze Everyone, look for heavy things we can put in the bucket.
Stripes, Darington and Zeg (indistinct muttering)
The others split up; Darington returns with an armchair.
Darington Ooh, ooh! How about this old chair? (throws it down to Blaze)
Blaze Let's try it. (tosses it into the bucket)
Cut to interface.
AJ The chair put this much weight in the green bucket. What number is that?
The green bucket shows 4; viewer responds with said number.
AJ 4, yeah!
Blaze 4 is less than 12, so the green bucket isn't heavy enough yet. To pull Starla up, we need the bucket to weigh more than 12.
Stripes comes back with a big book.
Stripes Hey, check out this book I found. (grunts trying to push it) It's pretty heavy!
He tosses it to Blaze, who puts it in the bucket. Cut to interface.
AJ All right! The green bucket used to weigh 4.
The bucket now measures 7.
AJ Now, how much does the green bucket weigh?
Viewer responds with said number.
AJ 7!
Blaze What's more, 7 or 12?
Viewer responds "12."
Blaze 12! Starla's bucket still weighs more.
Starla Oh...come on, y'all! You just gotta make that green bucket a liiiittle heavier!
Zeg comes back with a giant can of beans.
Zeg Look what Zeg find - big can of beans! (grunts; throws the can into the bucket)
Cut to interface; the green bucket shows 12.
Blaze Now how much does the green bucket weigh?
Viewer responds "12."
Blaze 12!
The buckets move until they're equally side-by-side.
Starla Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho! Hey y'all, look at me! I'm even with the green bucket!
AJ Both buckets weigh 12. They weigh the same.
Blaze But to get Starla all the way up, we need the green bucket to weigh more than 12!
Darington If only we had something to make it a little heavier.
AJ Hey! (pulls a shovel out of a patch of grass) What about this shovel?
Blaze Yeah! Toss it in!
AJ drops the shovel into the green bucket; now it weighs 13.
Blaze Look, the shovel made the green bucket weigh 13! Now which bucket weighs more?
Viewer responds "The green bucket."
Blaze The green bucket!
Starla is lifted up to them.
Blaze, AJ, Stripes, Darington and Zeg (indistinct cheering)
Starla Yee-haw!
Blaze, AJ, Stripes, Darington and Zeg (cheering)
Stripes She made it!
AJ Good to have you back, Starla.
Starla Shoot, I can't thank you fellers enough for rescuin' me.
Blaze Let's hurry outta here so we can get you and your friends back to the race.
He deploys his Blazing Speed jets once again.
Starla Hoo-whee, Blaze! You must be mighty fast!
Stripes He sure is - Blaze has Blazing Speed! Show her, Blaze!
Blaze Come on, let's show them how fast we can go! Say "Leeeet's Blaze!"
Blaze and AJ Leeeeet's Blaze!!
Blaze takes off, zooming through a tunnel as the Monster Machines follow.
Stripes, Starla, Darington and Zeg Whoo!/Yeah!/All right!/Awesome!/Zeg!
They ride through a mine shaft; a song begins to play.
Blaze Start your engines, can you feel the heat?
A new adventure right beneath our feet

Let's Blaze!
Spinning round, together now
We'll rock it out
Let's race!
Catching air, my friends are there
Yeah, everywhere

Come on, let's Blaze!
Let's shout "Hooray!"
Come on, let's Blaze!

The song ends; the Monster Machines jump out of the cave.
Blaze, Stripes, Starla, Darington and Zeg (cheering)
Fade to black; fade back up on the same part. They land on the ground and drive until Starla sees a magnet in a tree.
Starla Ooh! Well, lookee what I found - a funny lookin' horsehoe. (grabs it with her lasso) Hey, y'all! You gotta come check this out! (the magnet attaches to her bumper) Yow! (shrieks) It's stickin' to me! I can't...I can't shake it off! Can't shake it!!
Blaze (drives up to her and laughs) It's okay, Starla. It's just a magnet.
Starla A huh?
Blaze (gets it off) A magnet. Magnets attach to most things made out of metal, like us Monster Machines. (it sticks to his hood)
Blaze and Starla (laugh)
Starla Whoo-wee! That's one nifty doodad.
Darington Hey guys, look! It's the Monster Dome!
Stripes If we hurry, we can still make it in time for the race!
Zeg Yay! Zeg want to race!
Blaze Well, come on! This way, everyone! Follow me!
Starla Yee-haw!
Stripes Rawwr!
They follow him toward Axle City. The scene plays on the Monster Dome's jumbotron; the crowd applauds happily. Pickle and a rather upset Crusher stand near a hot dog stand.
Crusher (whimpers) It's just not fair! I wanna be the only Monster Machine in the race, but Blaze is bringing everyone back! (sobs loudly)
Pickle Oh, there, there, Crusher. Don't cry. Here, have a tissue. (Crusher takes one and blows his nose into it, sending he and the hot dog stand blowing backwards) Wow!
Crusher (sniffs) Well...I guess there's only one thing left to do.
Pickle Race 'em fair and square?
Crusher No, Pickle...I'm gonna cheat more than I've ever cheated before! (snickers and deploys a third invention) These, Pickle, are my worst contraptions yet - it's my army of robot knights!
Pickle That doesn't sound good.
Crusher Now, march, robot knights! Stop those Monster Machines from getting back to the race! (giggles evilly)
The robot knights march out of the Monster Dome. Blaze is leading the Monster Machines down a street.
Blaze This way, guys! We're almost there!
They screech to a halt.
Blaze (gasps)
Starla D'oh!
Blaze Lugnuts! Robot knights!
The robot knights are marching their way.
Zeg Robot knights?
Darington Crusher must've sent them to stop us from getting to the race!
Starla Oh...what do we do now, Blaze?
Stripes Yeah, Blaze, what do we do?
Blaze I'll tell you what we're gonna do - we're gonna stop those robot knights! The robot knights get their special power from those big metal shields. So if we take away their shields, they won't have any more power.
AJ But Blaze, how are we gonna take away their metal shields?
Blaze We'll use this: a magnet!
He shows the magnet from before and drives up to the first knight.
Blaze (singy-songy) Over here, knight! Try and get me!
He drives down a street and the knight follows; he aims the magnet at the knight, taking away his shield and making him self-destruct, reducing him to the junk he was when being built.
AJ It worked! The magnet pulled away his metal shield, and without his shield, the knight doesn't have any more power!
Blaze (to the viewer:) Come on, let's use our magnet to pull the shields away from the rest of these knights! So when you see a knight, say "Knight."
He drives into position; a knight appears.
Blaze and AJ Knight!
They take his shield away, destroying him; another knight appears.
Blaze and AJ Knight!
They take away his shield too; self-destruct, a third knight shows up.
Blaze and AJ Knight!
They take his shield away as well; self-destruct.
Blaze Oh yeah, we got 'em!
Stripes, Starla, Darington and Zeg (screaming)
A knight is chasing after Stripes up the block.
AJ Quick, our friends need some magnet help, too!
Blaze Here, Stripes! Catch! (throws the magnet to Stripes)
Stripes (jumps into a tree) Rawwr! (catches the magnet; takes away the knight's shield and destroys it) All right!
Zeg Yoo-hoo! Zeg need magnet!
Stripes (throws the magnet to Zeg) There you go, big guy!
Zeg (takes away a knight's shield; it self-destructs) Ha-ha, you not so tough without shield.
Darington (comes over) Ooh, ooh! Let me try!
Zeg (throws the magnet to Darington) Go long!
Darington (jumps off a ramp, singing) DARINGTOOOOOOOON!!!!! (catches the magnet and takes away a knight's shield, deactivating it) Ta-da!
Starla Whoaaaaa!!!
Starla is being chased by the last three knights.
Darington (gasps) Starla, take this! (throws the magnet to Starla)
Starla (catches the magnet with her lasso) Hey, knights! Where do you think you're goin'? (chases them) Yip, yip, yip! (takes away their shields; they self-destruct) YEEEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAW!!!!!!
They all regroup.
Blaze, Stripes, Starla, Darington and Zeg (cheering)
Starla I reckon that's all of 'em.
Blaze Wow, we really make a great team.
Bump (over speaker) Racers to the starting line!
Stripes Oh no! The race is starting!
Blaze Come on, everyone, let's move!
They head for the Monster Dome. Inside, Crusher approaches the starting line.
Bump Crusher, start your engine!
Crusher revs up.
Crusher (giggles manically) Thanks to my rotten tricks, none of the other racers made it back in time! No one can beat me, now!
Blaze's horn sounds, alarming him. Pyrotechnics shoot upward and fog surrounds the ground, as Blaze and the Monster Machines make their grand entrance as the crowd applauds wildly.
Blaze I wouldn't be so sure about that!
Crusher (gasps) NO!!
Bump All racers to the starting line!
The Monster Machines go on their way.
Blaze All right, guys! Good luck out there in the race!
They suddenly stop and turn back to him.
Starla Hey! Hang on, Blaze! Ain't you gon' race with us?
Stripes Yeah, Blaze! You should be in the race, too!
Blaze You want me to race with you?!?
Darington Of course, we want you to race with us - you're our friend!
Zeg Blaze friend!
AJ Come on, Blaze, you've gotta race!
Blaze All right, AJ, we'll do it together!
AJ Yeah!
Blaze steps slowly forward; the crowd begins to applaud for him.
Blaze Ladies and gentletrucks! Please welcome to the starting line for the first time ever: BLAZE!!!
The crowd applauds even louder and begins to chant Blaze's name repeatedly; Blaze takes his place at the start next to Crusher.
Crusher Hmph. This race is mine, Blaze - no one is gonna beat me!
Blaze We'll just see about that, Crusher.
The starting lights begin to count down; all the racers tense up.
Bump On your marks, get set... (the light turns green) GO!!!!!
The race begins; all set off with Crusher leading.
Bump And they're off! Crusher takes the early lead, but the other Monster Machines are close behind!
They race for a while; Starla uses her lasso to grab a post and swing to the lead.
Starla Yippie-ki-yay!!
More racing; Crusher steals back the lead until Darington is leading.
Stripes Rawwwwr!
More racing; Crusher is in the lead again.
Crusher Ha-ha-ha! A little cheating oughta slow those guys down. (snickers)
Crusher knocks over some cans of oil and stacks of tires.
Stripes Look out! (slips on the oil) Whoa!!
Starla, Zeg and Darington slip as well.
Bump Oh no! Truck after truck is being knocked out of the race!
Starla Whoaaaa!!!
Darington Whoa!
Zeg Whoa-oh!!
Bump But hold on, one Monster Machine is still on his tires!
Blaze dodges the oil and tires.
Blaze Whoa-oa-oa!
Starla Come on, Blaze! Come on!
Bump It's Blaze!
Crusher is nearing the finish line.
AJ Uh-oh, Crusher's almost at the finish line!
Blaze We can still beat him. Let's use Blazing Speed and go faster than we've ever gone before!
He deploys his Blazing Speed boosters once again.
Blaze To give me Blazing Speed, say "Leeeeet's Blaze!"
Blaze and AJ Leeeeeeet's Blaze!!!
They take off.
Blaze OHHHHHH-HO-HO-HO!!! (leaps into the air, spinning around) WHOO-HOO!!!
He flies over Crusher and lands right in front of him.
Crusher WHAT?!
Blaze and AJ YEAH!!!
Bump And the winner is...
Blaze crosses the finish line.
Bump BLAZE!!!!!
Fireworks begin to go off and the crowd cheers at its loudest. Blaze and AJ stand on the winner's podium.
Blaze We won, AJ! We really won!
AJ I'm so proud of you, Blaze. You were incredible.
More cheering from the crowd; Crusher stands with Pickle at a hot dog stand.
Crusher (sobs loudly)
Pickle Oh, there, there, Crusher. You almost won.
Crusher It's just not fair! I wanted to be...the champion! (stomping the ground) Me, me, ME!
The hot dog stand falls over, spilling some condiments on him.
Crusher Yuck!!
Pickle Mmm!
On the podium, the rest of the Monster Machines join Blaze and AJ.
Starla Yee-haw!
Blaze (giggles)
Stripes Rawwr! You did it! (high tires him)
Darington You won!
Zeg Yay for Blaze! (high tires him)
Blaze Oh, thanks, guys!
Gabby Blaze, Blaze! (joins them)
Blaze Hey, there's Gabby!
Gabby Congratulations, you're the champion!
AJ (gasps) Look, Blaze! It's the trophy!
The golden trophy from earlier rises out of the podium.
Blaze Woooooooow.
Bump (joins them) Blaze, you just won the Monster Machine World Championship! What are you going to do next?
Blaze Well...I think I'd like to hang out with all my new friends. You guys wanna go around the track again?
Stripes, Starla, Darington and Zeg Totally!/Oh-ho!/Yeah!/Sure do!/You rock!
They race each other around the track as the crowd cheers; the closing theme starts.
Scott Krippayne

It's Blaze and the Monster Machines
It's Blaze and the Monster Machines
Buckle up, gonna roll
Yeah, we're ready to go with Blaze
You'll be amazed

It's Blaze and the Monster Machines
It's time for adventure extreme
Gotta kick it in gear
We'll be catching some air
With Blaze

And the Monster Machines
It's Blaze and the Monster Machines

The song ends; Blaze jumps at the camera as the view slows down to half-speed and fireworks go off behind him. Fade to black, episode ends.

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