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S1E1-2 Blaze introduces himself to the viewer

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  • This is the very first episode in the series.
  • Blaze saved his friends in this order: Stripes, Darington, Zeg, Starla.
  • Due to some sort of unknown error, this episode accidentally premiered one hour early on Nickelodeon. At the time it was shown, PAW Patrol was supposed to be on the air. The show was then premiered again immediately after the first airing finished. No explanation has been given for this, so far.
  • To date, this is the only episode where It's Blaze is heard lyrically in the last scene and instrumentally in the credits.
  • This episode marks the most times Blaze uses Blazing Speed, at a total of six.
  • The episode's STEM concept was only used once, when helping Darington. The rest of the episode focused on multiple concepts, something not used as much as each episode focuses on one specific concept.
  • As Blaze helps the Monster Machines, he comes across various STEM concepts which will appear later on in the series; trajectory when helping Stripes (Cake-tastrophe!), force when stopping the mud balls and as weight when helping Darington (The Driving Force), acceleration when helping Zeg (Stuntmania!), a pulley that Starla uses to get out of the hole (Knighty Knights), and finally magnets when stopping Crusher's robot knights (The Mystery Bandit).
  • The places where Blaze went to save the Monster Machines are congruent to each of their personalities:
    • Stripes is stuck in some vines; he has the abilities of the tiger and lives in a jungle.
    • Darington is being chased by grizzlies; he likes to do stunts and tricks.
    • Zeg is rolling out of control in a snowball; he likes going fast and smashing things.
    • Starla is stuck in a hole in a cave near a mine shaft; she has a southern background.
  • The game Race to the Rescue! is based on this episode.
  • Multiple books are based on this episode.
  • This is the only season premiere where Starla is present to date.
  • When aired in some countries outside the US (ie. Canada), the episode is split into two separate parts, with Bump giving a narration at the end of the first before the credits, and at the beginning of the second after the theme song.


  • The title shares its name with a famous single by the band Bon Jovi.
  • Trouble Bubbles, used by Crusher to get rid of the Monster Machines, were also seen in the Team Umizoomi episode "Umi Space Heroes", when the Troublemakers use such to break the moon.
  • During the shots of the Monster Dome's racetrack, there is a beat played in the background which sounds like the stomping and clapping rhythm for Queen's We Will Rock You.


  • When Blaze uses Blazing Speed for the first time, in one scene his flame sticker isn't glowing, only to light up moments later.
  • After Darington says, "Come on, everybody! This way!", AJ disappears. He reappears in the next shot.
  • During the final song, when the Monster Machines take a bend after the three loop-de-loops, AJ is missing.

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