• AdoraCatra


    February 23, 2019 by AdoraCatra

    Just so you know I'm the same person as the user Dimitra Has. I just forgot the password on the other account so I made a new one. Just saying this so there will be no confusions or misunderstandings. :)

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  • Happy2432


    February 22, 2019 by Happy2432

    Wanna see an interview with the voice behind Blaze himself? Here you go.


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  • Spike Angel

    Well, it's official......

    February 21, 2019 by Spike Angel

    Im 19!!! :D

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  • Puppylove1257

    (Blaze, AJ, Darington, Watts, Gabby, and Starla drive through the forest.)

    Blaze: Whoo-hoo-hoo!

    Darington: Yeah-heh-heh!

    Starla: Yee-haw!!

    AJ and Gabby: (laugh)

    (Suddenly, they hear music playing.) 

    Watts: Do you guys hear something?

    Blaze: It's coming from over here!

    (They peer through the bushes to see the Fresh Beat Band playing one of their songs, with their sidekick, Bo, and their dog, Magic, joining in.)

    Shout: You're my friend, and you'll always be

    I'll hang with you anywhere you see

    Kiki and Magic: When the day is mean and you're unhappy

    Fresh Beats and Magic: All you gotta do is think of me

    I've been looking for a friend like you

    Someone to make each day brand new

    And share the sun, yeah, its blue sky too

    I'm so glad I've got a friend like you!


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  • Blazefan01

    officer blaze

    February 19, 2019 by Blazefan01

    do you know where I can watch officer blaze?

    watch sites to use

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  • Puppylove1257

    Narrator: Friday, March 1st, Blaze and all his Monster Machine allies will team up for an epic adventure!

    Monster Machines: WHOA!!

    Narrator: When Blaze and his friends get amazing superpowers, they'll have to test their skills in order to stop an evil sorceress from destroying their world!

    Starla: Come on, y'all! We got this!

    Blaze: (as the others put their tires/hands in) Super Truck...

    All: POWER!!!

    Narrator:  With the help of their new friend, Roxie the Power Pup, will Blaze and his friends be able to stop the sorceress and save the day? Find out in an all-new Blaze adventure! Friday, March 1st, at 5, only on Nick!

    AJ: Let's roll!

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  • AdoraCatra

    Are we sure that it's true? Like I looked it up a bit and Charlie Adler doesn't even have a Facebook account, and there's no screenshot proof of him replying to that fan whatsoever. So it could just be a rumor.

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  • Happy2432

    Guys, I have some bad news. According to the Fans of Nick Jr, Disney Junior or PBS Kids Shows on Facebook, Charlie Adler (the voice director) responded to a fan in a private conversation that the upcoming fifth season (announced last May) will be the show's last, ending it all at 100 episodes. The show is still being produced so it'll give them time to write a proper ending for the show.

    I know this may be sad for you all out there, especially those who were introduced to STEM since it started, but I'm worried we'll be out of a job after the show is over unless a spin-off is introduced.

    Please leave your thoughts below.

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    1. Shannon Chan Kent as Hilary
    2. Katie Bergin as Kipper
    3. Nolan North as Blaze
    4. Ramone Hamilton as AJ
    5. Berkley Silverman as Precious
    6. Jayden Greig as Jackson
    7. Lilly Bartlam as Jordan
    8. Kate Higgins as Starla
    9. Andrew Sabiston as Sam
    10. Emilie Claire Barlow as Sammy
    11. Kate Micucci as Ziriza

    (The episode starts off with the kids altogether in the gazebo, watching the rain come down from the sky.)

    • Sam: "I hope this rain goes away soon."
    • Sammy: "I'm sure it will."
    • Kipper: "Hey mates. Look."
    • Hilary: "A rainbow. It's beautiful. Don't you just love rainbows, guys?"

    (Right on cue, Blaze and AJ came to life.)

    • Both: "Whoa!"
    • AJ: "Did we hear someone say rainbows?"
    • All: "Blaze! AJ!"
    • Blaze: "Hi everybody."
    • Jackson: "Have you guys seen any rainbows."
    • Jordan: "Because, Look what's up there in th…

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  • Puppylove1257

    The Unicorn Realm!

    February 5, 2019 by Puppylove1257

    (Starla, Blaze, and Ziriza are driving through the forest.)

    Ziriza: Can't catch me, Starla!

    Starla: Oh, you just watch!

    (Starla speeds up and tags Ziriza.)

    Starla: Ha-ha! You're it!

    Blaze: Good goin', you two!

    AJ; You almost got away from her that time, Z!

    (Suddenly, the pond beside them shows an image of their unicorn friend, Stardancer.)

    Stardancer: Ziriza? Blaze, AJ? Starla? Can anyone hear me?

    Starla: Hoppin' hubcaps! Look! It's Stardancer!

    AJ: Hey, Stardancer! What's going on?

    Stardancer: I need your help! An evil unicorn princess has taken over my realm, and I need you to help me stop her!

    Blaze: An evil unicorn princess?

    Stardancer: You'll know she's evil when you see her, Blaze. I'll see you soon...I hope.

    (Her image fades, but comes back.)


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