• Puppylove1257

    (Blaze and AJ are driving through the Great Forest, with Roarian flying high above them.)

    Roarian: ROAR!!!

    Blaze: Whooooo-hoo!

    AJ: Yeah-heh-heh-heh!

    (They drive for a few moments more; suddenly...)

    Roarian: Blaze, AJ, I've found something in the glen!

    AJ: Huh... I wonder what it is.

    Blaze: (to the viewer:) Come on, let's go take a look.

    (They follow Roarian through the forest to the glen; there in the middle are four flying lion statues, a mom and her four cubs.)

    Blaze: Gaskets! There are more flying lion statues back here!

    AJ: (dismounts; Roarian lands) And they look just like you, Roarian!

    Roarian: They do... but where did they even come from?

    Voice: (offscreen) I can help you.

    (A young fox, Rano, comes into view.)

    AJ: Who're you?

    Rano: I'm Rano, a close fr…

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  • Puppylove1257

    Stripes whacked at the cage with his tire and glared at Spirit. "Let us outta here!" Spirit chuckled. "Why would I do that?" she replied. "Uh, so we could save our friends?" Darington answered. "Not going to happen. Time to forget about them," Spirit finally said before going back to her master. Spirit's words gave the sorcerer an idea. "Forget about them, huh?"

    "If you're gonna do what I think you're gonna do," said Starla, "you're not gonna do it!" The next thing Starla and the others knew, was darkness fading and them waking up in confusion. Darington's voice broke the silence. "Ugh... Where am I? Who are you guys? Who am I?"

    Spirit chuckled. "Once Blaze hears that his friends don't remember themselves or him and AJ, nothing will stop us …

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  • Amethyst626

    Blaze and Crusher finally reached the base of the mountain Pickle had landed on. Luckily for them, there was a rocky path that spiraled upwards, perfect for monster machines to drive on. Crusher normally did not like to climb up mountains that don't have racetracks, but he did it with no complaints.  

    Something had been bugging Crusher the minute his cheat worked. On Pickle. Crusher had cheated like that hundreds of times, why did that cheat, that moment make it feel like his engine had slowed down, and his tires had become heavier? 

    Crusher followed Blaze up the mountain, trying his best to not look down. The environment was quiet, the soft sounds of tires pressing against the rocky path were the only sounds that were heard. The two monster…

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  • MerakiSoul


    March 29, 2020 by MerakiSoul

    What happened? First there's a rumor about a BATMM movie happening, then Crusher x Pickle gets pretty much confirmed in IMDB?! Neat!

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  • Puppylove1257

    Hey, everyone!

    March 26, 2020 by Puppylove1257

    Every episode from season 4 is on the Nick Jr website! Go online and watch them all!

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  • Amethyst626

    Hello, tis I, Amethyst, and today, I thought I'd talk about my current thoughts on the show.


    Yes, I'm doing dislikes first!

    1. The writers reusing scenes and STEM concepts. Now, this happened first in The Island of Lost Treasure when Momentum was used as a STEM concept for a second time. Now, that didn't bother me too much, but then, I was extremely disappointed with Deep Sea Grand Prix because pretty much every scene in the said episode was reused.
    2. Pickle's creations. Okay, I love Pickle, but sometimes I feel like sometimes his ideas are a tad bit too silly and could cause a problem. All of the ice cream flavors he came up with in Ice Cream Monster Machine, I believe he took it a bit too far. I highly doubt the writers will do this, but…
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  • Spike Angel

    The party that night was in full swing. Music blasted from the speakers as the residents of Axle City danced the night away.

    🎵I'm free to do what I want and have a good time Now somebody, anybody, everybody, say 'Cause I'm free to do what I want and have a good time Now somebody, anybody, everybody, say

    Your boy picked up a residency in Vegas Making history, performing amongst the greatest My father brought boats over in the 80s Now I godfather my own ship, man, it's crazy This is all by design, 100 million and I'm still on the grind 8 billion views and I'm still on the climb Cut a deal with Florida, now Miami's all mine I'm free, baby, bring the beat, baby Let me show you how a living legend live, baby Let's be free, baby, and cruise the wo…

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  • Spike Angel

    Blaze and his friends flew to where the Whirlpool of Eternity-- a black and red endless whirlpool--was.

    "Is this the place?" Gabby asked.

    Blaze gulped. "Yes, this is the place."

    He turned to the others. "Okay, you all know what to do-- Crusher, you and Pickle head on to Glimmer Cove and alert Fiona and Queen Kiara. Tell them to bring back up."

    Crusher and Pickle nodded then flew towards Glimmer Cove.

    AJ gasped as he spotted black wolves standing near the orb Blaze's parents were in. "Blaze, look down there!"

    "Starla, Darington, Zeg? You guys think you can distract them?"

    "We'll do our best, Blaze." Darington promised.

    As Starla, Darington and Zeg snuck down the cliff, Blaze turned to Gabby and Stripes and gave them their orders.

    "Gabby, Stripes, yo…

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  • Spike Angel

    Blaze was still crying when Emerald led him through the forest. "Wanna talk about it?" the unicorn asked.

    "I'm terrified, Emerald. What if he's already killed them?"

    Blaze tried wiping his tears away, but more fell to replace them.

    "Try and look on the bright side, Blaze."

    "What bright side?"

    "Well... you'll have me to help you if he tries anything. Believe me, I can deliver a strong magic blast when I want to."

    Blaze chuckled lightly. "Thanks. Kind of makes me wish I was a unicorn, too."

    When Blaze and Emerald approached the forest, Darius was waiting for them. A chill ran down Starburst's spine at the sight of the Dark Wizard.

    "I see him. I better grant your wish fast."

    Unseen by Blaze, Emerald, and Darius thanks to a cloaking spell, AJ, Gabby, a…

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  • Spike Angel

    They swam inside the palace and went down a long hallway. Blaze felt sort of nervous with all the guards around, but as long as Fiona stuck close by, he knew he as nothing to fear.

    Blaze and Fiona approached the door to the throne room. Then, pushing with all their might, the guards opened the doors, and there sat the King and Queen on their thrones.

    King Poseidon recognized Blaze immediately. "Ahh, the son of Phoenix and Ember, I presume?"

    "Y-Yes, Your Majesty."

    The Queen smiled. "Come forward, child. Don't be afraid."

    Blaze hesitantly approached the throne.

    "Tell us, young lad, what is your name?" King Poseidon asked.

    "Blaze Vesuvius Preston."

    "No need to be shy, child. We know your parents." Queen Amphitrite reassured.

    Blaze nodded. "Fiona told …

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    • Hilary wears her Pajamas for this episode.

    1. Let's Go
    2. I Love You

    1. Ariel Winter as Hilary
    2. Katie Bergin as Kipper
    3. Nolan North as Blaze
    4. Ramone Hamilton as AJ
    5. Hadley Belle Miller as Sienna
    6. Jayden Greig as Jackson
    7. Lilly Bartlam as Jordan
    8. Andrew Sabiston as Sam
    9. Emilie Claire Barlow as Sammy
    10. Amanda Soha as Zoey
    11. Millie Davis as Dena
    12. Jenna Warren as Greta
    13. Sabrina Pitre as Wanda

    (The episode starts off with Sienna and the kids outside at night with their sleeping bags. Sienna was telling them a scary story.)

    • Sienna: "Wolves. They're animals, they can be scary, but, they can be awesome too. They have great hunting skills, sense of sight, smell and hearing and some say that wolves howling at the moon is just an urban myth, but, in reality, they do it to signal other wolv…

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  • Amethyst626

    Pickle paced around the ledge he had landed on. He rethought everything that had just happened, wondering what Crusher was doing right now. Maybe using his spring trap thing on Blaze? Or just preparing himself for the race? While Pickle hoped Crusher was at the least trying to find him, a tiny voice in the back of his head said that was unlikely, especially since Crusher would be racing today.

    Pickle looked around, realizing and remembering he was by himself. The times Pickle found himself alone were extremely rare, as he was almost always with someone. Usually that someone was Crusher. They had gotten into trouble together a few times before, but Pickle had always tried to brighten up the situation. Sometimes if Crusher wasn't around, Pick…

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  • Amethyst626

    Crusher and Blaze drove left and right through the streets of Axle City until they found themselves outside of Axle City.

    Soon all the buildings and roads faded away from view and were replaced by fresh green grass and tall trees. The two monster machines continued driving, but suddenly halted when they approached a river.

    "Woah, Blaze, how do we get across this?" AJ asked as he hopped out of Blaze's cab.

    "Well, we could try-" Blaze quickly paused. He and AJ turned, they found themselves watching glowing junk pieces assemble into a catapult. Crusher then bounced into the bucket but was on the ground and dizzy seconds later. Blaze rolled over to the dizzy truck. "You okay Crusher?"

    "NO! I'm supposed to be over there, but I'm still over here!" C…

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  • Puppylove1257

    A Blaze crossover with... Scooby-Doo!

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  • Spike Angel

    The next morning, Blaze woke up to the phoenixes' frantic squawking.

    "Etna, Vesuvius, what's the matter?"

    The phoenixes squawked some more. "Wait, what?! Where is he?!"

    Etna squawked.

    "He's near camp?! Lead the way!" Blaze used his wand to make his wings appear, and he flew off after the phoenixes.

    When they returned to camp, it was mostly covered with ice, and his friends and parents came out of hiding. "Mommy! Daddy!"

    "Blaze? What's the matter, my love?" Ember asked.

    "The phoenixes said that Darius was attacking camp! What happened?"

    Crusher's eyes narrowed in fear. "How did Father even find us?!"

    "No idea," Blaze answered. Vesuvius started squawking again.

    "What's he squawking about?" Pickle wondered.

    Blaze cast the translation spell on Vesuvius a…

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  • Happy2432

    An update...

    March 17, 2020 by Happy2432

    Hi. Just a quick reminder to apologize for the lack of work on the new episodes.

    The reason I haven't continued my work yet is because I'm also at work on the Abby Hatcher Wiki which I have been falling behind on episode galleries. I feel it's difficult to juggle both wikis at once.

    So I am saying, can you handle as much as you can while I'm busy? Specifically try to work on the red-linked songs or at least finish parts of the transcript.


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  • Spike Angel

    The next morning, Blaze said his friends woke up early to meet Ronella.

    After a quick breakfast, Blaze summoned his wand like Ember taught him.

    "Dude, I will never get over the fact that my best friend is a wizard."

    "Me neither!" Darington agreed.

    Ember giggled. "I have a feeling you'll enjoy it, my love," she said, kissing Blaze's head.

    Darington began to drool as he imagined Blaze making it rain food, just like that movie he saw once.

    "Darington," Stripe called in a singsong. "You're drooling again."

    Darington snapped out of it, and wiped his drool with his tire.

    "Sorry. So... are we gonna get on with these magic lessons or what?"

    Blaze bounced with excitement. He couldn't wait to get started.

    As he bounced, his flame started to glow, and the sun …

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  • Spike Angel

    The next morning, Blaze woke up to a mysterious voice-- but it wasn't his mother.

    "Mommy? Daddy?"

    Blaze got up and started following the voice into the woods.

    He tiptoed through the forest to avoid waking his friends.

    "Who are you? Or... what are you?"

    "Don't be afraid, Blaze," the gentle feminine voice called. "I am an old friend of your mother and father."

    "How can I trust you?"

    "Meet me at the base of Mt. Dragon, where the field of red flowers bloom. Then, I will show myself."

    Blaze wrote a note telling his friends and parents where he had gone, and set off for the base of Mt. Dragon.

    When he got there, he went to the field of red flowers, but there was no one there.

    "Hello? Is anyone here?"

    There was a flash of red light, and when his vision retu…

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  • Puppylove1257

    Quest for the Moonstones is the 19th episode of the 5th season of Blaze and the Monster Machines.

    Blaze and AJ return to the Great Forest to reunite with Roarian, when they discover a mother flying lion and her four cubs; when told that only the magic of the moonstones can bring them to life, they must go out and retrieve them before the sorcerer, who plans on using the moonstones to drain the magic from the forest and make him mega-powerful.

    Blaze and AJ are driving through the Great Forest, with their friend Roarian flying up above them. Roarian, when they stop, sees something ahead, so they go over to investigate.

    In a clearing are five flying lion statues, with a mother, two girl cubs and two boy cubs. A young fox named Rano comes along and…

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  • Spike Angel

    Crusher and Pickle lead the way as the boys went to find Starla and Darington.

    "What did you guys find out?" Crusher asked.

    Darington gulped. "This is gonna be kind of shocking, but... here it is."

    Darington checked to make sure no one was looking. Once he was sure the coast was clear, Starla opened her feather duster and pulled something out.

    "What is that?!" Stripes asked.

    Crusher gulped. "Is that... what I think it is?"

    Blaze was confused. "What do you mean, Crusher?"

    "Yeah, what is it?" AJ asked.

    "That's a map of the attic. No one is allowed down there, except for Father." Crusher explained.

    Blaze gasped. "Do you think... my parents are down there?!"

    Starla opened the map. It was a complicated maze filled top to bottom with every kind of booby t…

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  • Spike Angel

    The next morning quickly came. Blaze and AJ woke up before anyone else, ready to discover how to harness the rest of Blaze's magic.

    Blaze and AJ had a quick breakfast. 

    "Ohh, this is so exciting!" Blaze said, bouncing. "I can't wait to harness all my new powers! Hmm... the question is how?"

    AJ took a bite of his breakfast burrito as possibilities flooded his mind. 

    "Yeah. What would you have to do to activate them?"

    Blaze shrugged. "No idea, actually," he admitted. "But, the important thing is... we're gonna find out together-- as a team. Just like we always do."

    Suddenly, the flame on his side began to glow, and the two noticed this and stared in wonder. "Uhh... Blaze? What's happening?" AJ asked. "No idea, AJ. But, something's going on."


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  • Spike Angel

    Night had fallen on Dragon Island, and almost everyone was fast asleep.

    Stripes suddenly awoke. He couldn't put his tire on what it was, but he knew something was off. He began sniffing the air, and picked up his friends' distinct scents:

    Starla smelled like a mixture between freshly cut grass and petrichor.

    Darington smelled like boxed macaroni and cheese, one of the only dishes he could make without almost burning a kitchen down.

    One would expect Gabby to smell like a mixture between sweat and motor oil, considering her profession, but she instead smelled like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

    Stripes began to drool as he picked up the scent. He quickly brushed away the drool and forced himself to focus.

    Zeg's favourite soap made the dinos…

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  • Spike Angel

    I'll post it here once it's finished! I can't wait for you all to read it!

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  • Puppylove1257

    (Blaze, AJ and Stripes are driving out of Axle City and into the nearby forest.)

    Blaze: Whooooo-hoo!

    Stripes: Rawwr! Hoo-hoo-hoo!

    AJ: Yeah-heh-heh-heh!

    (They drive for a while and they do tricks; they stop near a mysterious bridge.)

    Blaze: Whoa, check it out! There's a bridge!

    AJ: Huh, that's strange... I've never seen a bridge in this part of the forest before.

    Blaze: Me neither.

    Stripes: (gasps) It must be the bridge from the legend!

    Blaze: What legend, Stripes?

    Stripes: The legend says when a group of trucks comes into the woods, a bridge will appear out of thin air! And, if someone crosses it, they'll be taken to a mysterious forest!

    AJ: Whoa! Does anyone know if the legend is true?

    Stripes: Not that I've ever heard of.

    Blaze: Well, we're gonna be th…

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  • Puppylove1257

    The Winter Forest Rescue is the 13th episode of season 5 of Blaze and the Monster Machines.

    Blaze, AJ and Stripes discover a magical winter forest, and meet a snow unicorn named Aniya, who trains them to be fellow guardians of the forest; their guardian training must be put to the test when the sorcerer takes all the winter magic from the forest, risking its chances of disappearing.

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  • Puppylove1257

    Blaze and his friends had been battling the evil sorcerer, his cat Spirit and her cat army for a long time now, and they were wondering if the sorcerer could even be defeated. Their usuals were the same, though-- racing, having fun adventures, beating Crusher time and time again, but the sorcerer was always a threat to them, their friends and their own world.

    One morning, Blaze and AJ were on their usual morning drive, driving a bit slower than usual. "Any sign of the sorcerer, Blaze?" AJ asked his friend. Blaze cautiously glanced around-- no sign of him. "Not yet. But, if he shows up again," Blaze said, "we'll be ready." AJ sighed. "I don't know how we're gonna defeat him once and for all. We've always defeated our other rivals easy, but t…

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  • Puppylove1257

    (Blaze and AJ are driving on a path through the forest.)

    Blaze: Whooooo-hoo!

    AJ: Yeah-heh!

    Both: Oh-ho, yeah!/Whoo-hoo-hoo!

    (They drive for a few moments more before they stop; AJ dismounts.)

    Blaze: (to the viewer:) Hey, glad you're here! Me and my friend AJ were just going for a drive when we--

    (A neighing horse is heard.)

    AJ: What was that?

    Blaze: I don't know. Let's go check it out.

    (They go to invesigate; a beautiful white horse is seen grazing nearby.)

    Blaze: Look! It's a horse!

    AJ: She's amazing! But... what is she doing all the way out here?

    Blaze: I'm not sure.

    (The horse looks up from her grazing, raises up on her hind legs and runs up the mountain path.)

    AJ: She's heading up the mountain, Blaze!

    Blaze: Come on, we'd better follow her!

    (AJ reboards…

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  • Puppylove1257

    The Cloud Kingdom

    March 9, 2020 by Puppylove1257

    The Cloud Kingdom is the 15th episode of the 5th season of Blaze and the Monster Machines.

    Blaze and AJ are led to the mystical Cloud Kingdom by a mysterious white horse; when they discover the white horse is actually the Cloud Queen, who has been placed under an evil spell, Blaze and AJ must build a special wand that can free her.

    Blaze and AJ are driving along a path toward a mountain when they stop to see a beautiful white horse grazing on a nearby mountain ledge. They watch her for a minute before she gallops up the mountain, so they decide to follow her. They follow as she gallops on an invisible path and off the mountain, and she beckons them to come with her.

    The horse takes them to a mysterious world in the clouds, and now, in this wo…

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  • Puppylove1257


    March 3, 2020 by Puppylove1257

    Hey guys. I'm planning a fanfiction where Blaze, AJ and the whole Monster Machine gang have their final showdown with the sorcerer, Spirit and her cat army, and I want everyone to help.

    Let me know what you think should be in there, and feel free to collaborate with me!

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  • Puppylove1257

    (Blaze and AJ are driving through the forest.)

    Blaze: Whoo-hoo!

    AJ: Yeah-heh!

    Both: (laughing)

    (Blaze drives off a ramp-shaped hill.)

    AJ: Whoo-hoo!

    (They land, and AJ dismounts.)

    Both: (laughing)

    AJ: Nice one, Blaze! (they high tire)

    (There is a bright flash; a colorful door appears on a wall nearby.)

    Blaze: Whoa! Where did that door come from?

    AJ: I don't know. It just appeared out of nowhere!

    Blaze: Let's go see where it leads.

    (They push open the door and they enter a tunnel; they walk through, and at the end, they arrive in a lush and colorful forest.)

    Blaze: Whoa!

    AJ: Wow!

    Blaze: Where are we?

    (A pink unicorn with a turquoise mane and tail climbs down from the rocks.)

    Unicorn: You're in Zartonia, of course!

    Blaze: Zartonia?

    (A young male griffon flies down …

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  • Puppylove1257

    The Secret Door

    March 3, 2020 by Puppylove1257

    The Secret Door is the 16th episode of the fifth season of Blaze and the Monster Machines.

    Blaze and AJ are driving through the outskirts of Axle City when they stumble upon a mysterious door that leads to a fantastic, magical world, where they meet new magical creatures. The only problem is, the sorcerer and Spirit are there too, and their world is in serious danger of fading away. Blaze and AJ must help save their world before the sorcerer steals all the magic from it.

    It is a sunny day, and Blaze and AJ are driving along the outskirts of Axle City, but when they stop, they see a wall with a colorful door on it. Curious to find out where it leads, they enter and go through a tunnel before arriving in a brand new world.

    Wondering where they …

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    1. Ariel Winter as Hilary
    2. Katie Bergin as Kipper
    3. Nolan North as Blaze
    4. Ramone Hamilton as AJ
    5. Jayden Greig as Jackson
    6. Lilly Bartlam as Jordan
    7. Millie Davis as Dena
    8. Tajja Isen as Lily
    9. Nissae Isen as Ryan
    10. Shechinah Mpumlwana as Polly
    11. Lyon Smith as Caleb
    12. Weird Al Yankovic as Litter Critter

    (The episode starts off with Jackson, Jordan, Lily, Ryan, Dena, Hilary and Caleb looking around.)

    • Jackson: "Hmm. Those raccoons has gotta be here somewhere."
    • Jordan: "Where could those critters be?"
    • Hilary: "Guys! Seriously! What are we afraid of, raccoons sometimes finds shelter in homes, right, guys?"

    (Right on cue, Blaze and AJ come to life.)

    • Both: "Whoa!"
    • All: "Blaze! AJ!"
    • Blaze: "Hi, everybody!"
    • AJ: "Whatcha Guys looking for.”
    • Dena: "A raccoon."
    • Jackson: "It snuck into mine and J…

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  • Spike Angel

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  • Puppylove1257

    (It is Valentine's Day, and the whole town is covering the buildings and trees in Valentine's Day decorations; Blaze drives through.)

    AJ: Yeah-heh-heh-heh!

    Blaze: Whooooo-hoo-hoo!!

    (They drive for a moment more before stopping; AJ dismounts.)

    Blaze: Hey there! Happy Valentine's Day!

    AJ: We're helping the town decorate for the big Valentine's Day party tonight, and it's gonna be amazing!

    Voice: (offscreen) Oh, no no no! So much to do, so little time! I'm freaking out!

    Blaze: Come on, let's go check it out.

    (They go investigate and they round a corner; a winged Monster Machine, Cupid, flying frantically around.)

    Cupid: What are we going to do?! What are we going to do?! What are we going to do!?

    AJ: Whoa! He sure seems upset about something. We better s…

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  • Puppylove1257

    A Monster Machine Valentine's Day is the 14th episode of season 5 of Blaze and the Monster Machines.

    It's Valentine's Day in Axle City, and Cupid, the spirit of Valentine's Day, has to deliver a lot of valentines before the day is over, so he makes Blaze and AJ his honorary helpers. But when the sorcerer returns to get revenge, and takes all of Cupid's life force, it's up to Blaze and AJ to use their Valentine's Day magic and see to it that he doesn't succeed in his plans.

    Blaze and AJ drive through Axle City as the town decorates for the Valentine's Day dance that night.

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  • Puppylove1257

    It was a fantastic episode, since it guest starred Weird Al Yanhovic, who has starred on Scooby-Doo! and Guess Who most recently. The episode also had tons of action in it, which made it much more exciting.

    I love outer space, so this episode was right up my alley. The aliens were also very cute, so that gave me another reason to be interested.

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  • Puppylove1257


    February 10, 2020 by Puppylove1257

    Astrid is a female golden alicorn princess that is a main character in the Blaze and the Monster Machines episodes, "The Golden Alicorn" and "Enchanted Forest Rescue".

    Astrid has white fur with a golden mane and tail, golden eyes, wings, and a golden horn.

    Astrid is a selfless, kind, brave and smart alicorn that defends her kingdom and her family from her foes. She might not be in line to be queen, but she acts like one.

    Blaze and AJ are the closest friends of Astrid, since they are the ones who saved her herd and her home.

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  • Puppylove1257

    (Blaze, AJ and Stripes are driving along the beach.)

    Blaze: Whoo-hoo!

    Stripes: Yeah-heh-heh!

    AJ: All right!

    (Blaze drives close enough to face the viewer.)

    Blaze: (to the viewer:) Hey, glad you're here! We're going to the beach with Stripes to meet up with our mermaid friend, Nerissa!

    AJ: She's gonna take us under the ocean so we can explore!

    Stripes: Rawwr! This is so exciting! I can't wait to finally meet her!

    (They stop at the shore and AJ dismounts; Nerissa swims up to them.)

    Nerissa: Hi, guys!

    Blaze: Hey, Nerissa! We want you to meet a friend of ours. This is Stripes. Stripes, this is Nerissa.

    Stripes: Nice to meet'cha!

    Nerissa: It's nice to meet you, too! Well, if we're gonna go underwater, I better cast the transformation spell on you guys. 


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  • Puppylove1257

    The Rainbow Mermaid Treasure is the 13th episode of the 5th season on Blaze and the Monster Machines, and is the second episode of the Mer-Truck Adventures miniseries.

    Blaze and AJ take Stripes to meet their friend Nerissa; after they transform into mer-trucks, they must embark on a magical treasure-hunting journey to find the lost treasure of the Rainbow Mermaid.

    Blaze and Stripes are driving along the beach when Blaze greets the viewer, and explains that he and AJ are taking Stripes to meet their mermaid friend, Nerissa. They all meet up, and Stripes and Nerissa get aquainted before Nerissa uses her trident to magically change Blaze and Stripes into mer-trucks.

    When they are underwater, Nerissa tells Blaze and Stripes about a mystical legend ab…

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  • Puppylove1257

    Mermaid Rescue/Trivia

    January 30, 2020 by Puppylove1257

    • This is one of the many occasions Blaze has been underwater for a majority of the episode, following The Great Animal Crown and Deep Sea Grand Prix.
    • This is the second time Blaze has undergone a magical transformation since Monster Machine Christmas back in season 2.

    • Crusher casting magic with the trident.

    • When Nerissa uses the kelp to transform Blaze's tires into a fish tail, it also happened in the Elena of Avalor special, "Song of the Sirenas".

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  • Puppylove1257

    (Blaze and AJ are driving along the beach.)

    Blaze: Whooo-hoo!!!

    AJ: Yeah-heh!

    Both: Oh-ho, yeah!/Whoo-hoo-hoo!

    (Blaze drives onto a ramp-shaped rock.)

    Blaze and AJ: (cheering)

    (They land and AJ dismounts.)

    Blaze and AJ: (laughing)

    AJ: That was awesome!

    (A fish tail splashes behind them; they turn around.)

    Blaze: Huh? What was that?

    AJ: I don't know. I thought I heard something.

    (The fish tail splashes them with water.)

    Blaze and AJ: Whoa!/(laughing)

    (A mermaid, Nerissa, pops up from the water.)

    Nerissa: Oh, whoops! Sorry about the splashing.

    Blaze: It's okay. No harm done. I'm Blaze, and this is AJ.

    Nerissa: I'm Nerissa, the crowned princess of Oceanea.

    (She hops onto a rock to show off her tail.)

    Blaze: (gasps)

    AJ: Wow!

    Blaze: (to the viewer:) If Nerissa has a ta…

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  • Puppylove1257

    After defeating the dragon and freeing Crusher and Pickle, Snowdance has mysteriously vanished. Now, Blaze and his friends will have to help Crysta find her mother.

    "Mama!" Crysta called through the damp halls of the castle. "Mama, where are you?!" Blaze looked around. "I don't see her yet, Crysta," he said. "Me neither," agreed AJ. Crysta looked back at her friends. "We have to keep searching! I can't bear to lose her like I did my dad...!" She started choking up, but when she felt like she was gonna burst, familiar screams rang through the halls. "Mama! Come on!"

    Blaze took off after her, and then they reached a part of the castle that was darker than before. Snowdance was on the other side of the room, screaming and crying in pain. Crysta…

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  • Puppylove1257

    (Blaze and AJ are driving through the desert, with Genie flying alongside them.)

    Blaze: Whoooo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

    AJ: Yeah!

    Genie: (laughs) Alakazoom!

    (He uses his wishing jewels to make a loop-de-loop and a ramp for Blaze to drive on; he goes through all of the equipment.)

    Blaze and AJ: (cheering and laughing)

    (He lands and AJ dismounts.)

    Blaze and AJ: (laughing)

    AJ: Man, this has been great! Thanks for inviting us to spend the day with you, Genie!

    Genie: Sure! After what you guys did for me last time we saw each other, I just knew that we had to spend a day!

    Blaze: Wow. I sure wish that we had genie powers, too. Then we could do so much more!

    Genie: Hmm... you know, Blaze? There actually might be a way to grant your wish!

    Blaze: Really?

    AJ: How?

    (Genie pulls out …

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  • Puppylove1257

    Genie for a Day

    January 20, 2020 by Puppylove1257

    Genie for a Day is the 12th episode of the 5th season of Blaze and the Monster Machines.

    After seeing how much Blaze and AJ enjoy his genie powers, Genie uses a magic spell to make Blaze a genie for one day; now they will have to team up to save a bunch of desert fox pups and reunte them with their mother after they get get taken by the sorcerer and Spirit.

    Blaze and AJ are driving around with Genie in the desert, as Genie conjures up ramps and loops for Blaze to drive on. When they stop, Blaze and AJ tell Genie how amazing his powers are, and they wish that they had powers like that, too.

    Genie thinks there might be a way to do that-- with a special spell that can give Blaze some genie magic for one day, until the next morning's sun rises.

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  • Amethyst626

    Change of plan, I'm posting this here.

    One day, in the town of Axle City, monster machines big and small were rushing into the Monster Dome to watch a race that was occurring. The many fans conversed about what would happen, who would win, and the large majority talked about their favorite racer:  Blaze.

    "He is going to win for sure!"

    "Ever wonder why Blaze can win, like, every competition?"

    "Because he tries his best!"

    "Also because of his driver! I mean, if it weren't for AJ, Blaze wouldn't even be here."

    "That's true."

    While all the discussion was going on, a certain blue truck rolled into the monster dome. Crusher looked around as he slowly drove in the building. Although he wasn't driving very close to the trucks in the bleachers, he could h…

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  • Amethyst626

    My Story

    January 3, 2020 by Amethyst626

    Ummmmmm..... Hi everybody, uh, how was your day? I hope you had a good one.

    Alright. My very first blog post here was about a big episode idea (plus many extra details that aren't really important) that I had for the show. Out of all the episode ideas that I've had, this is the one I want to become an actual episode. Sooooo......... a long time ago I made a Wattpad account for the heck of it, and recently I put that, and this episode idea to use, resulting in this. I guess you now get to see what my writing skills look like outside of crappy speeches. Anyway, please check out my fanfiction (or rather what's currently been written) with the link below, and, well, see you lot later. Bye.…

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  • Puppylove1257

    (Blaze, AJ and Stripes are driving together through a snowy forest.)

    Blaze: Whoo-hoo!

    AJ: All right!

    Stripes: Yeah-heh-heh!

    (They drive for a while and they stop upon hearing giggling and barking nearby.)

    Stripes: Did you guys hear something?

    Blaze: It sounds like barking. (to the viewer:) Where's the barking coming from?

    (Pans over to reveal three rainbow-tailed fox pups, Luna, Celeste and Starlight, playing; viewer responds.)

    Blaze: Yeah! It's those fox pups!

    Luna, Celeste and Starlight: (giggling; barking)

    AJ: Aww, they're so cute!

    Stripes: And it looks like they're having fun!

    (The foxes tumble into a pile in front of them; AJ dismounts.)

    Blaze: Hi there, little fox pups.

    Luna: Oh, hi!

    Celeste: Hello!

    Starlight: Hi! I'm Starlight, and these are my sister…

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  • Puppylove1257

    The Northern Light Foxes are the 11th episode of the 5th season of Blaze and the Monster Machines.

    While on a midnight drive, Blaze, AJ and Stripes meet three magical fox sisters, their kind known as the Northern Light Foxes; when it is crucial that the sisters return to Borealis Mountain to make the Northern Lights glow brighter than ever before, Blaze and Stripes help them journey through their magical world to get home, while dodging the dangerous Midnight Wolves along the way.

    Blaze and Stripes are driving through a snow covered forest when they hear the sound of giggling. They find three little fox pups, each with a magnificent rainbow colored tail.

    The sisters introduce themselves as Luna, the oldest, Starlight, the middle, and Celeste, t…

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  • Jimpvzfan

    A power hour episode

    December 27, 2019 by Jimpvzfan

    I think the show need to a has a episode with a show 

    My idea is to have this show and paw patrol mash in to one big episode of season 5 

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  • Amethyst626

    Happy Holidays!

    December 25, 2019 by Amethyst626

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, happy whatever holiday it is that you celebrate, I hope you all have a great time with the people you love!

    “ Merry Christmas to all! And to all, a Leeeeet's Blaaaaze!!!” - Santa Clause, December 2015

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