• Puppylove1257

    (Blaze, AJ, Watts and Gabby drive along the beach.)

    Blaze: Whoo-hoo-hoo!

    Watts: Yeah-heh-heh!

    AJ: Good news, guys-- we're almost where we need to meet up with Nerissa!

    Gabby: I can't believe that Nerissa invited us to go to an actual mermaid festival down in Oceanea!

    Watts: Me neither, Gabby! I'm so excited to finally get my own tail!

    Blaze: Well, the wait is finally over! Here comes Nerissa!

    (Nerissa splashes through the water to reach them.)

    Nerissa: Hey, guys! The day of the "Day of the Sorceress" festival has finally arrived! Are you ready to go?

    AJ: We sure are!

    Gabby: Yeah!

    Watts: We're totally ready!

    Nerissa: (giggles) All right, here we go!

    (She waves her wand around.)

    Nerissa: Ocean Spirits, I command you
    Make my friends some tails that are strong …

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  • Puppylove1257

    Undersea Rescue

    July 1, 2020 by Puppylove1257

    Undersea Rescue is an episode of season 5 of Blaze and the Monster Machines, and is the 3rd episode of the Mer-Truck Adventures miniseries.

    Blaze and Watts transform into mer-trucks ad rush to the rescue when a spell is cast over Queen Lassandra, turning her to stone; only the power of an ancient mermaid wand can save her.

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  • Puppylove1257

    The Great Reindeer Adventure is an episode of season 5 of Blaze and the Monster Machines, and is the first Christmas special since Monster Machine Christmas and the first hour-long episode since Race to the Top of the World.

    Everyone gathers at Stripes' treehouse for Stripes' annual Christmas Eve party, even the Monster Machines' new friend Holly; when Holly suddenly becomes lost, it's up to Blaze and his friends to make sure that Holly gets home to the Tinsel Tundra to celebrate Christmas with her parents.

    The episode opens up in the jungle, which is brightly decorated for Christmas Eve. Blaze greets the viewer as he, AJ, Darington, Zeg and Starla all arrive at Stripes' annual Christmas Eve party, and they all join in the festivities. Stripes…

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  • Puppylove1257

    (On Halloween night, Blaze, as a ninja, and his friends are driving.)

    All: (cheering)

    (Blaze drives closer to the viewer.)

    Blaze: Hey there! Happy Halloween!

    AJ: We're wearing these really cool costumes, and we're going for a drive with our friends! Blaze is a ninja, and I'm a police officer!

    Blaze: And check out our friends' costumes! Watts is a cat...

    Watts: Meow! (giggles)

    AJ: Gabby's a princess...

    Gabby: (giggles)

    Blaze: Zeg is a construction worker...

    Zeg: Yippee!

    AJ: Stripes is a jungle explorer...

    Stripes: Rawwr! (laughs)

    Blaze: Starla is an elephant...

    Starla: (trumpets)

    AJ: And Darington is a bunny rabbit!

    Darington: Boingy boingy boingy!

    Zeg: Zeg love Halloween!

    Stripes: Me too!

    Darington: Yeah! You get a lot of candy, you get to say up late, and people…

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  • Puppylove1257

    The Halloween Rescue is an episode of season 5 of Blaze and the Monster Machines, and is the first Halloween episode since Truck or Treat! back in season 2.

    When a witch's evil spell takes hold of Crusher and Pickle on Halloween night, possessing them as evil spirits, it's up to Blaze and his friends to break the spell, save their friends and the world from certain doom.

    On Halloween night, Blaze (dressed as a ninja) and AJ (dressed as a police officer), drive with Watts (a black cat), Gabby (a princess), Darington (a rabbit), Stripes (an explorer), Zeg (construction worker), and Starla (an elephant) through the streets of Axle City. During their drive, Stripes tells them of an ancient Halloween legend he heard a long time ago-- the legend of …

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  • Puppylove1257

    (Blaze and AJ are driving through the forest.)

    Blaze and AJ: Whoooo-hoo-hoo-hoo!/Yeah-heh-heh-heh!/Oh-ho, yeah!/Whoo-hoo-hoo!

    (They continue driving for a while before Blaze faces the viewer.)

    Blaze: Hey! Glad you're here! AJ and I are just taking a drive through the forest, doing some really cool tricks!

    AJ: Blaze, look!

    (A ramp-shaped hill is up ahead.)

    AJ: There's a ramp up ahead!

    Blaze: Good spotting, AJ! Let's drive on it!

    (AJ slams on the gas, and Blaze leaps off of the ramp.)

    Blaze: WHOO-HOO-HOO-HOO!!!

    AJ: Yeah-heh-heh!

    (They drive on. Up above them, a magic bottle is flying around; inside the bottle is a pixie, Zarina.)

    Zarina: Ugh...!! (kicks at the bottle) How could I have been so dumbfounded as to fly into this bottle and get the cork screwe…

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  • Puppylove1257

    Blaze's Big Bottle Rescue is an episode of season 5 of Blaze and the Monster Machines.

    When Crusher and Pickle free a mischevious pixie from her bottle, they magically get trapped inside the bottle; now Blaze and AJ will have to work together and find the magical wishbox they need to set their friends free.

    Blaze and AJ are shown to be driving through the forest, laughing and having a good time. Not too far off, inside a magical flying bottle, was a mischevious pixie named Zarina, who had been trapped inside the bottle for 300 years and wishes she could get out.

    Seeing Crusher and Pickle driving down below, she has an idea-- she will trick Crusher and Pickle into opening her bottle and letting her out. This works, and Crusher and Pickle are mag…

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  • Misss44Q

    A Circus About Meal

    June 22, 2020 by Misss44Q
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  • Hilary James Lyall

    I decided to create this, because, most episodes have viewer greeetings. But, sometimes, some episodes don't.

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  • Puppylove1257

    (In the desert, Blaze and AJ are driving with Genie.)

    Blaze: Whoo-hoo!

    AJ: Yeah-heh!

    Genie: (laughing)

    (They stop by Genie's lamp.)

    Genie: Wow oh wow, guys! Have I got a major surprise for you!

    AJ: A surprise for us?

    Blaze: What is it, Genie?

    Genie: I'm taking you guys to my home realm of Zartonia, and you're gonna get to meet our ruler, Queen Samaria!

    Blaze: Really?!

    AJ: We get to go to the place where genies come from?

    Genie: We sure do! You guys are gonna love it!

    Blaze: So, how do we get there?

    Genie: We can use my lamp. It's the only thing powerful enough that can get us all the way there.

    (He rubs it and a magic portal appears.)

    AJ: Whoa!

    Genie: Everybody in!

    Blaze: Whoooo-hoo!

    AJ: All right!

    (They dive in; the portal ends in a beautiful palace.)

    Blaze: …

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  • Puppylove1257

    Realm of the Genies is an episode of season 5 of Blaze and the Monster Machines, and is a sequel to Blaze and the Magic Genie.

    Genie takes Blaze and AJ to his magical home realm of Zartonia to meet the realm's queen; when an evil enchantress tries to steal all the magic from Zartonia, Blaze, AJ and Genie must try and stop her.

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  • Puppylove1257

    Astrid and her herd invite Blaze, AJ, Crusher and Pickle to spend Christmas with them, and they discover that Stormsurge doesn't like Christmas for some reason. With the help of some Christmas magic, can Blaze and AJ help Stormsurge's point of view?

    This story includes songs from a MLP: FiM episode. DO NOT CRITICIZE!!!

    "Thanks again for inviting us to celebrate Christmas with you and your herd, Astrid," said Blaze. "With the sorcerer gone now, we can finally relax." Astrid smiled. "My pleasure. The forest creatures always go all out on celebrating."

    "They do? How?" AJ asked. "Follow me, and I'll show you!" Astrid galloped off, and her friends followed her as the creatures of the forest began to sing.

    Creatures: Creatures' voices fill the night

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  • Puppylove1257

    They went out into the open, and Spirit ran to the Monster Dome to get the sorcerer. As soon as he came out, AJ hid the wand inside Blaze's glove compartment. "Blaze and AJ?!" the sorcerer boomed. "You're alive?!"

    "You can't get rid us of that easy," AJ said. The sorcerer chuckled. "We'll see about that." Blaze smirked. "Spirit! Time for Operation: Feline!" Spirit led the cats in a fierce attack on the sorcerer. "AGH! STOP, STOP!! ENOUGH!!"

    The cats were thrown off of him, and landed all over the street. "We either do this my way, or your friends get their memories wiped again!" Blaze, hearing that the sorcerer was about to threaten his friends again, leapt up on him and they tussled it out for a minute or two. AJ kicked him right in the side…

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  • Puppylove1257

    They continued on their way the next morning, and Blaze and AJ were bouncing with excitement. "We're so close!" said Blaze, who couldn't wait to hug his friends again. "Look! The Crystal Desert! We're getting even closer!"

    The desert looked as if even the ground was made of crystal. "Wow..." Blaze gasped. AJ took a few pictures to show their friends once they got home. "Come on, Uncle Bwaze!" Moonbeam squealed. "The Crystal Caves are through here!"

    They flew to a cave, but black panthers made put of some black crystal growled and blocked their path. The cubs gasped. "These must be the black panthers Lavera told us about!" Steel realized. "We have to show them respect before they can respect us!"

    As they bowed, the queen stepped down from her …

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  • Puppylove1257

    The Monster Machines went to the park to get some sleep. Stripes sighed. "You okay?" Watts asked. "No..."

    "Wanna talk about it?" Watts asked. "It's just... I don't feel comfortable with destroying Blaze and AJ." Gabby looked puzzled. "What do you mean?" she asked. "Something tells me they aren't as bad as the sorcerer says they are." Watts nodded. "I know what you mean. Does anyone remember anything before now?"

    Stripes told Watts about all the flashbacks he had. "What could they mean?" she asked. "I have no idea."

    "Does anyone remember them before now?" Gabby asked. The others had no idea. "Hey, what's this?" Stripes found a tablet, with a gallery of pictures and videos starring Blaze, AJ and him, and a bunch of other shared videos with pict…

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    1. Ariel Winter as Hilary
    2. Katie Bergin as Kipper
    3. Nolan North as Blaze
    4. Ramone Hamilton as AJ
    5. Jayden Greig as Jackson
    6. Lilly Bartlam as Jordan
    7. Julie Lemieux as Beth
    8. Lyon Smith as Caleb
    9. Devan Cohen as Patrick
    10. Sarah Gadon as Patricia

    (The episode starts off with the kids having fun, when Hilary comes in with Kipper, Blaze and AJ in tow.)

    • Hilary: "Here we are, Kip! The playground! This is gonna be fun!"
    • Kipper: "Sure is, mate! Especially when you got balloons."
    • Hilary: "Yeah! That too! I'm gonna make balloon animals to show to my friends. Blaze! AJ! Why don't you guys sit over there while I get the balloons ready."

    (Right on cue, Blaze and AJ came to life.)

    • Blaze: "Whoa!"
    • AJ: "Okay."
    • Hilary: "Blaze! AJ!"
    • Blaze: "Hi, Hilary!"
    • AJ: "Are you planning to make balloon anim…

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  • Puppylove1257

    (Blaze and AJ drive through the Enchanted Forest with Astrid.)

    Astrid: Let's keep going, fellas! There are plenty more magical animals to see on our guided nature drive!

    Blaze: (laughs; to the viewer:) Oh, hey! Guess what? We're in the Enchanted Forest with our friend Astrid, taking a drive to see all the magic animals that live here.

    AJ: And we've seen so many!

    Astrid: Indeed we have! Like, fairies, dragons, mermaids, and... ooh! Here comes another one!

    (Two phoenixes fly above them, happily playing.)

    AJ: What are those?

    Astrid: They're phoenixes, magical birds who have the ability to control fire.

    Blaze: Gaskets, look at them go!

    AJ: They really do look like they're having fun!

    (The phoenixes fly away.)

    Astrid: All right, then. Now, up ahead, there s…

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  • Puppylove1257

    Kingdom of the Crystal Unicorns is an episode of season 5 of Blaze and the Monster Machines, and is a sequel to The Golden Alicorn and The Rose of Eternity.

    Blaze, AJ and Astrid find a kingdom of crystal unicorns, which had disappeared for the last 1,000 years; they must find the previous ruler's granddaughter, Radiant, in order to save the kingdom from the ruler of the Black Alicorns.

    In the Enchanted Forest, Blaze, AJ and Astrid are driving together, and Astrid points out all of the magical animals they see along the trail. During their lesson, they see a bright flash behind some trees and they decide to investigate. They discover a city that wasn't there before, and Astrid exclaims it is the Kingdom of the Crystal Unicorns.

    Astrid tells them al…

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  • Puppylove1257

    Mayura sighed. "We've been flying forever! How long before we get to Rainbow Falls?"

    "It shouldn't be too long now," Blaze told her. Moonbeam sighed heavily. "But, you said that 10 minutes ago! And 20 minutes before that!" AJ checked the map. "Blaze means it this time. Look!"

    Before them was a rainbow colored landform, a dazzling sight to see. "Amazing, isn't it?" Vera asked. "It sure is," AJ answered. "Papa, can I go get a sample of rainbow water to study later?" Mingo asked. "Sure. Don't be gone too long though. We'll be waiting here."

    Mingo flew to the falls, grabbed a jar and collected some water before he was suddenly caught in a net. "Mama! Papa! HELP!!!"

    "Mingo!" Vera cried. "We'll get him, Vera!" Blaze said. He launched his tow hook an…

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  • Puppylove1257

    The sorcerer smiled deviously as Spirit came over. "My, my, master! We have made the best plan by far!"

    "Yes, my pet. Now that the Monster Machines are clueless about who they are, they will have no choice but to answer to me-- their new leader!" The Monster Machines looked around the Monster Dome, utterly clueless about where they were. Spirit chuckled. "Should we formally introduce ourselves, master?"

    "Yes, we should, my pet." They drove closer. "Hey, who's that?" Darington asked. Stripes shrugged. "Greetings all!" the sorcerer said, his happy voice dripping with fakeness. "Who are you?" Darington asked. "Why, I am the sorcerer, and the is my cat, Spirit."

    Spirit gave a fake smile as she waved her paw at them. Stripes shuddered. He couldn't…

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  • Amethyst626

    So, this is going to be something a little bit different. Out of all the season 5 episodes released so far, I'd say Toy Trouble was the most... most... I don't know the right word. But some scenes could have been played out differently. So, here we go!

    "Hey, I wonder what this red button does."

    "Whoa, be careful Watts, this sign says we're not supposed to press the red button"

    Crusher turned his head upon hearing that sentence. He observed Blaze and his best friends standing in front of a large toy-making machine. Blaze was pointing to a sign that had a picture of a red button, with the "no" sign plastered over it.

    "Phew! Sure glad I didn't do that," said Watts. The two monster machines as well as their partners then began to chase a toy airpl…

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  • Maheerk2
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  • Amethyst626

    Pickle leaped to the side of his ledge that was not crumbling, driving slightly backward after each passing second. This ledge is going to fall, there's nobody who can help, I'm stuck here. I'm going to fall, and nobody's there to help me. Why oh why did I try to get off of here by myself?

    Rock began to crack under Pickle's tire, making in his panic levels increase. Pickle then did something nobody would ever expect him to do. He screamed. A very loud scream. What to do, what to do? 


    "Jump to the other ledge!"

    Obeying the quite familiar voices, Pickle immediately jumped onto the ledge next to him. He glanced upward to the direction of the sound, his fearful expression instantly faded when three familiar faces came into view. 

    "Blaze, …

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  • Amethyst626

    Hopping on each ledge, Crusher continued to follow Blaze up the mountain. Judging by the small tire tracks, Pickle did in fact, climb up the mountain before their arrival. Since he was in a hurry, Crusher stumbled a few times. Every time he did stumble, Blaze stopped, and waited, at times offering help. For Crusher, it was new that Blaze was waiting patiently for him while on a journey, instead of speeding ahead like he normally did. Perhaps it was because this time, Crusher helped as he was truly motivated, and Blaze could tell. 

    The blanket of snow on each ledge was getting thicker as they continued up, eventually, they reached a point that was so high, they had to navigate through thick clouds to get up.

    The two trucks reached the top of …

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  • Puppylove1257

    (In the ocean, Blaze, Crusher and Pickle, all three mer-trucks, AJ, wearing his scuba gear, and Nerissa are playing ball near the kelp forest.)

    All: (laughing)

    Nerissa: Blaze, over here! I'm wide open!

    Blaze: Here it comes! (throws it to her)

    Nerissa: I got it... I got it! I... (misses it) Missed it.

    Pickle: (giggles) Don't worry, I'll get it!

    (He swims to the edge of the kelp forest and gets the ball; a neighing sound is heard.)

    Pickle: Huh? Hey, guys! I think I heard something!

    AJ: What is it?

    Pickle: It sounds like a... a horse!

    Crusher: Pffft!! Pickle, don't be ridiculous! Horses don't live underwater!

    Blaze: Well, whatever it is, it sounds like it needs help!

    AJ: We better go see what it is!

    (They swim into the kelp forest and see a white sea-unicorn wi…

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  • Puppylove1257

    Journey to the Birth Grotto is an episode of season 5 of Blaze and the Monster Machines and the third episode of the Mer-Truck Adventures miniseries.

    Blaze, AJ, Crusher and Pickle must help Nerissa and her friend Kylie get a pregnant sea-unicorn, SeaBright, to the birth grotto so she can have her baby; they also must protect her from Eris, who seeks revenge on Blaze and AJ for spoiling her previous plans to take over the ocean.

    In the ocean, Blaze, Crusher and Pickle, all mer-trucks, are playing with Nerissa when they hear a loud whinny coming from the kelp forest. They go investigate, and they find a sea-unicorn, who can also change into a land unicorn, SeaBright, whinnying in pain.

    Nerissa's friend, Kylie, who also heard SeaBright, comes to chec…

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  • Puppylove1257

    (Blaze, AJ, Crusher and Pickle are playing frisbee at the park.)

    All: (laughing)

    Pickle: Ooh! Ooh! Throw it to me!

    Crusher: Okay, here it comes! (throws it)

    Pickle: I... got it!

    Blaze: Yeah-heh!

    AJ: Way to go, Pickle!

    (Suddenly, a vibrating sound is heard.)

    Crusher: Huh? What's that noise?

    (They look over to see the magic book glowing and vibrating.)

    Pickle: Blaze? Is that book supposed to do that?

    Blaze: Wait a sec... that's the book we used to go to the Land of Fairytales!

    Crusher: Why is it glowing like that?

    Blaze: Before we left the Land of Fairytales, the Fairy Godmother cast a powerful spell on it. Whenever it glows and vibrates like that, it means there’s an emergency in the Land of Fairytales, and our friends need our help!

    AJ: And it's glowing b…

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  • Puppylove1257

    Return to the Land of Fairytales! is an episode of season 5 of Blaze and the Monster Machines, and is the sequel to Rescue in the Land of Fairytales.

    When Blaze, AJ, Crusher and Pickle are summoned back to the Land of Fairytales, they are horrified to hear the witch, Jafar, the Evil Queen and Maleficent are trying to destroy the fairytale kingdom all together; with only a few magic items to aid them, they must embark on a dangerous journey to stop them from reaching Mt. Destiny, and casting a spell that could change the kingdom forever.

    At the park, Blaze, AJ, Crusher and Pickle are playing frisbee when the fairytale book with their own story inside starts lighting up and vibrating. Blaze explains before they left the Land of Fairytales, the Fa…

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  • Puppylove1257

    (It is nighttime in Axle City; Blaze, AJ and Darington are racing through the park.)

    Blaze: Yoooooo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

    Darington: Whoo-hoo!

    AJ: Yeah-heh!

    All: (laughing)

    (They drive out of the park and into the city when suddenly...)

    Darington: (gasps) Blaze, AJ! Hold up!

    (They screech to a halt.)

    AJ: What is it, Darington? Why'd we stop?

    Darington: Take a look at that!

    (Above them is a giant cloud with a castle on top.)

    Blaze: Whoa!

    AJ: I've never seen a cloud that big before!

    Blaze: And look what's on top of it!

    (Zoom in on the castle.)

    Blaze: (to the viewer:) What's on top of that cloud?

    (Viewer responds "A castle.")

    Blaze: A castle! Yeah!

    AJ: I wonder if anyone lives up there.

    Blaze: Well, come on! Let's go see!

    (They jump on the top of buildings until they reach th…

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  • Puppylove1257

    Dream Magic

    May 18, 2020 by Puppylove1257

    Dream Magic is an episode of season 5 of Blaze and the Monster Machines.

    Blaze, AJ and Darington meet Leena the Dream Fairy and are tasked with bringing dreams to everyone in Axle City to become Dream Fairies themselves; they must do this before the Nightmare Witch casts a spell to turn the whole world into a living nightmare.

    It is nighttime in Axle City, and Blaze, AJ and Darington are driving through the park. Darington then spots an enormous cloud with a castle on top of it, and Blaze decides they should go check it out.

    They leap up to the castle, and discover it is home to Leena the Dream Fairy, and it's her job to make everyone all over the world have sweet dreams with her crystal ball and magic bags of dream dust. She explains there a…

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  • Puppylove1257

    (Blaze, AJ, Starla, Zeg and Stripes are driving through the forest.)

    Blaze: Whoooo-hoo!

    Starla: Yeeeeee-haw!

    Zeg: Whee-hee!

    Stripes: Rawwr! Whoo-hoo!

    (They drive for a few moments more, until...)

    Stripes: (gasps) Hey, everyone! Look what I just found!

    (Everyone gathers around Stripes; they see a large rainbow that extends into the clouds.)

    All: Whoa!/Bust my bumpers!/Wow!/Zeg like!/Ooh!

    Starla: That's gotta be the biggest rainbow I've ever seen!

    Blaze: I don't think that's just a rainbow, Starla. Check it out!

    (He drives to the rainbow and places his tire on it.)

    Blaze: It's a bridge!

    Zeg: Zeg never see a rainbow bridge before.

    Stripes: Me neither.

    AJ: I wonder where it goes.

    Blaze: Let's go up it and find out! Come on, Monster Machines!

    (They drive up the r…

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  • Puppylove1257

    Rainbow World!

    May 17, 2020 by Puppylove1257

    Rainbow World! is an episode from season 5 of Blaze and the Monster Machines.

    Blaze, AJ, Zeg, Starla and Stripes discover a magical world, protected by Nadia the Rainbow Fairy, and the magic of the realm is in the powerful Aurora Star; when the sorcerer plots to steal the star, Blaze and his friends must work together to save the day.

    Blaze, AJ, Zeg, Starla and Stripes are driving through the forest when Pickle spots the biggest rainbow any of them had ever seen. Blaze soon discovers that the rainbow isn't just a rainbow-- it's also a bridge. They all agree to head up the bridge and see what's there.

    They reach the end of the bridge and end up in an amazing world in the clouds, complete with stars, trees growing on clouds, and rainbows. Nearby …

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  • Puppylove1257

    (Blaze and AJ are driving through Axle City.)

    Blaze: Whooooooo-hoo!

    AJ: Yeah-heh-heh!

    Both: (laughing and cheering)

    (They drive for a while longer, until...)

    Offscreen Voice: Cosmo! Wanda! Poof! Where'd you guys go?!

    Blaze: (stops) AJ, did you hear that?

    AJ: Yeah! It sounds like it's coming from over there!

    (The scene reverts to a boy with buck teeth and a pink hat, Timmy Turner.)

    Timmy: Ohh, where are they?

    (Blaze goes over to him; AJ dismounts.)

    Blaze: Hi there. I'm Blaze, and this is AJ. You need some help?

    Timmy: Oh, hi! I'm Timmy Turner. I actually do need some help. I can't find... my... cats! Yeah, that's it! I lost my three cats and I can't find them anywhere, and I'm starting to get worried.

    AJ: Don't worry, Timmy. We'll help you look for them.


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  • Puppylove1257

    The Fairly OddParent Rescue is an episode from season 5 of Blaze and the Monster Machines. Plus, it is the first crossover with The Fairly OddParents, and the first crossover over all.

    Blaze and AJ meet up with a kid named Timmy Turner, and his fairy family, his godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, and his godbrother, Poof; when Poof is kidnapped by the sorcerer and Spirit so they can drain his magic, Blaze, AJ, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof's anti-fairy, Foop, must team up to rescue him.

    Blaze and AJ are driving through Axle City when they see another kid, Timmy Turner, who is looking for his lost cats. Blaze and AJ agree to help him look, and when they find the cats, they find something weird about them-- the cats are purple, green and pink, and th…

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  • Puppylove1257

    (Blaze and AJ are driving through the forest.)

    Blaze: Whoooooo-hoo-hoo!

    AJ: Yeah-heh-heh-heh!

    (They drive for a while longer, then go up a ramp-shaped rock.)

    Blaze: Yooooo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

    (They land; AJ dismounts.)

    Both: (laughing; they high tire)

    (A door magically appears in the stone wall nearby.)

    AJ: Whoa! Where did that door come from? And where does it go?

    Blaze: I don't know. Let's go find out!

    (AJ opens the door and they step inside; they enter a snowy and magical land, with lots of holiday decorations.)

    Both: Whoa.../Wow!

    AJ: Blaze, look at this place! It's fantastic!

    Blaze: I'll say! And check it out!

    (A young Sugar Plum Fairy in training, Snowflake, is trying to hang the decorations.)

    Snowflake: D'oh! Oh, come on! How hard is it to hang decorations…

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  • Puppylove1257

    (In the Enchanted Forest, Blaze, AJ and Astrid are playing.)

    Blaze: Whoooo-hoo!

    AJ: (laughing)

    Astrid: Yeah! Man, I can't believe our feud with the black jaguars is finally over, and that the forest is finally safe again! Now, we can see each other all the time!

    AJ: Yeah! Blaze and I are gonna come back a lot to see you!

    Blaze: We sure are!

    Comet: (in distance) Astrid!

    Venus: (in distance) Where are you?

    Astrid: Oh, that's my brother and sister calling me. Over here, guys!

    (Her siblings gallop over.)

    Comet: Glad we found you, sis. Mom and Dad need to see you.

    Venus: In fact, the whole herd does.

    Astrid: The whole herd? What could be that important that the whole herd needs to see me?

    Venus: Umm... (looks at Comet worriedly)

    Astrid: Comet? Venus? What is it?


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  • Puppylove1257

    The Rose of Eternity is an episode of season 5 of Blaze and the Monster Machines, and is the sequel to The Golden Alicorn.

    In order to heal Astrid's ailing grandmother, Blaze, AJ, Comet, Astrid and Venus will have to go on a long journey to reach the Rose of Eternity before the sorcerer and Spirit do.

    The episode begins with Blaze, AJ and Astrid playing together in the Enchanted Forest, a few weeks after Stormsurge's defeat. During their playtime, Comet and Venus, Astrid's older brother and little sister, come toward them and say their parents, King Nuko and Queen Nira, and the rest of the herd are waiting for her.

    Comet and Venus won't tell Astrid what's going on, worrying her. They soon find out the problem-- Astrid's grandmother, Landra, is g…

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  • Puppylove1257

    (Blaze, AJ, Crusher and Pickle are playing at the park, dressed as superheroes.)

    All: (laughing)

    (A kitten is stuck in a nearby tree.)

    Kitten: (meows)

    Pickle: Don’t worry, little kitten, the superhero’s are on their way!

    (They drive to the tree.)

    Crusher: How do we get her down?

    Blaze: We're going to get her down by working together!

    Crusher: Okay! How?

    Blaze: Okay, Pickle? Stand on Crusher's head and see if you're tall enough to reach her.

    Pickle: Okay!

    (He stands on Crusher’s head, but is not able to reach the kitten.)

    Pickle: I can't quite reach!

    AJ: I'll come up and help!

    (He climbs up on Pickle's head and gets the kitten down.)

    AJ: I got her!

    Blaze: All right!

    Crusher: Whoo-hoo!

    Blaze: (to the viewer:) Oh hey! I'm glad you're here. We’re playing superhero…

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  • Puppylove1257

    Super Blaze!

    April 28, 2020 by Puppylove1257

    Super Blaze! is an episode of season 5 of Blaze and the Monster Machines.

    When a supervillain named Mistral comes to town and causes all sorts of mayhem with her weather control powers, Blaze, AJ, Crusher and Pickle, thanks to an enchanted sword, will have to use their own superpowers to stop her.

    Blaze, AJ, Crusher and Pickle are at the park playing superheroes, all laughing and having fun. When they see a kitten stuck in a tree, they all work together to get her down, then they go back to playing. Little do they know, there is a supervillain named Mistral causing trouble with her weather powers while singing a special song.

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  • Amethyst626

    After climbing ledges for a while, Pickle had reached the tip-top of the mountain, which poked through the clouds in the sky. It was a point high enough for one to view nothing but cloud when looking down. Up above though, was a clear blue sky, and the shining golden sun, which gave sent out its warmth for the world to feel. 

    Grandpa had once stated to Pickle that if you stand under the sun and close your eyes, you would think of all the things that make you happy. Pickle did so. Shutting his eyes, he began to think of all his favorite memories. Like the time he performed magic tricks at the Axle City talent show. Crusher performed at the talent show too, he attempted to play the accordion. Then there was the time when Pickle competed in a …

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  • Sidfurry153

    Without much reason, here are my top 5 favorite episodes of Blaze and the Monster Machines:

    1. Zeg and the Egg

    2. Fired Up!

    3. Dinosaur Parade

    4. Defeat the Cheat

    5. Officer Blaze

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  • Puppylove1257

    (At the park, Blaze and AJ are reading a fairytale.)

    AJ: "...delighted at this complete indisputable proof of the maiden's identity, the Duke slides the slipper onto her foot and it fit perfectly. Then, Cinderella and Prince Charming celebrated their wedding and they all lived happily ever after."

    (He shuts the book.)

    Blaze: (to the viewer:) Oh, hey! AJ and I were just finishing up Cinderella, one of our favorite fairytales!

    AJ: We've been reading fairytales all morning, and now we need to decide which one to read next. (sets the book aside)

    (Blaze sees a mysterious book nearby, and picks it up.)

    Blaze: That's strange... I don't remember reading this book before.

    AJ: I wonder what it's about.

    Blaze: Well, let's take a look!

    (He opens the book; it starts …

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  • Puppylove1257

    Rescue in the Land of Fairytales is an episode of season 5 of Blaze and the Monster Machines.

    Blaze and AJ discover the magical realm of fairytales, which exists thanks to the power of the crystal heart; when an evil witch steals the crystal heart, Blaze and AJ must get it back before all the fairytales disappear forever.

    Blaze and AJ are at the park reading Cinderella, one of their favorite fairytales. When they finish the book, Blaze discovers a book that neither of them has seen before. He opens it, and reveals a magic portal that sucks them inside the book.

    Whdn they come out of the portal, AJ notices that they aren't in Axle City anymore, but close to an unfamiliar village. When they go to investigate, they discover the village is full of f…

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  • Puppylove1257

    The next morning, Blaze got up early to watch the morning sunrise. It seemed so much more beautiful in the Great Forest than in his own world. "Uncle Bwaze?"

    Blaze looked to see Moonbeam behind him, looking at him with her big eyes. "What're you doing up this early, Moonbeam?" he asked. "I saw you leave. I wanted to be sure you were okay." Blaze smiled as she cuddled up against his side. "I'm okay," he said. "I just thought I'd get up to see the sunrise."

    He gestured his tire to the rising sun. "Mama says that when the sun rises, it means the stars and the moon go to sleep until the next night. Have you heard that, too?"

    Blaze nodded. "Yeah..." Moonbeam tilted her head. "Thinking about your friends?" Blaze nodded. "Yeah. I can't believe the s…

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    1. Ariel Winter as Hilary
    2. Katie Bergin as Kipper
    3. Nolan North as Blaze
    4. Ramone Hamilton as AJ
    5. Jayden Greig as Jackson
    6. Lilly Bartlam as Jordan
    7. Shechinah Mpumlwana as Polly
    8. Lyon Smith as Caleb
    9. Andrew Sabiston as Sam
    10. Emilie Claire Barlow as Sammy

    (The episode starts off with Hilary as a princess. Jackson and Jordan arrived.)

    • Jackson: "Hey, Hilary!"
    • Jordan: "What's up?"
    • Hilary: "Hello, my loyal and royal subjects. ‘Tis I Princess Hilary! Take a look, Guys! Someone is waiting for us at the castle."
    • Jackson: "Wow!"
    • Jordan: "It's..."
    • Both: "Blaze and AJ!"
    • Hilary: "C'mon! Let's go!"

    (They hurry off to play.)

    • All: (Laughing).
    • Hilary: "So sorry we kept you waiting. Ready to have fun, Blaze and AJ."

    (Right on cue, Blaze and AJ came to life.)

    • Both: "Whoa!"
    • All: "Blaze! AJ!"
    • Blaze…

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  • Puppylove1257

    Blaze stepped up to the podium. "Blaze, do you promise to protect your home and family at all times and work with your spirit animal when you need it to be by your side?"

    Blaze nodded. "I do."

    "Master Wizards, magical creatures, lets shower Blaze with his new magic and give him his spirit animal guide!"

    Darington took out his video camera and began recording.

    "Seriously, dude?" Stripes questioned. "What?"

    "You've filmed everything that happened to Blaze in the last month!"

    "Yeah, and my YouTube channel's been exploding with subscribers!" Stripes rolled his eyes. "I believe that." Then, all of the wizards raised their wands, and their magic began to swirl around Blaze. Crusher shushed them. "Would you two hush?" he scolded. "The magic's starting t…

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  • Spike Angel

    "Wow, Blaze! I can't believe you're going to have a ceremony in your honor!" AJ told his best friend.

    "I know! Honestly, AJ? I'm a little nervous." Blaze admitted, fidgeting with his bow tie.

    "Why are you nervous, partner?" Starla asked.

    "I've never been the guest of honour at a ceremony before, my love." Blaze explained.

    "Well, it isn't every day you save the world from Crusher's psychopathic father and become a Master Wizard," Darington said. He then turned to Crusher. "No offense."

    Crusher shrugged. "None taken."

    "He didn't just save one world- my best friend saved *two* worlds."

    "Good point," Darington realized. Phoenix and Ember approached, beaming proudly.

    Blaze drove over and tackle hugged his parents, who eagerly returned the gesture.


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  • Puppylove1257

    (Blaze and AJ are driving through the Great Forest, with Roarian flying high above them.)

    Roarian: ROAR!!!

    Blaze: Whooooo-hoo!

    AJ: Yeah-heh-heh-heh!

    (They drive for a few moments more; suddenly...)

    Roarian: Blaze, AJ, I've found something in the glen!

    AJ: Huh... I wonder what it is.

    Blaze: (to the viewer:) Come on, let's go take a look.

    (They follow Roarian through the forest to the glen; there in the middle are four flying lion statues, a mom and her four cubs.)

    Blaze: Gaskets! There are more flying lion statues back here!

    AJ: (dismounts; Roarian lands) And they look just like you, Roarian!

    Roarian: They do... but where did they even come from?

    Voice: (offscreen) I can help you.

    (A young fox, Rano, comes into view.)

    AJ: Who're you?

    Rano: I'm Rano, a close fr…

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  • Puppylove1257

    Stripes whacked at the cage with his tire and glared at Spirit. "Let us outta here!" Spirit chuckled. "Why would I do that?" she replied. "Uh, so we could save our friends?" Darington answered. "Not going to happen. Time to forget about them," Spirit finally said before going back to her master. Spirit's words gave the sorcerer an idea. "Forget about them, huh?"

    "If you're gonna do what I think you're gonna do," said Starla, "you're not gonna do it!" The next thing Starla and the others knew, was darkness fading and them waking up in confusion. Darington's voice broke the silence. "Ugh... Where am I? Who are you guys? Who am I?"

    Spirit chuckled. "Once Blaze hears that his friends don't remember themselves or him and AJ, nothing will stop us …

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  • Amethyst626

    Blaze and Crusher finally reached the base of the mountain Pickle had landed on. Luckily for them, there was a rocky path that spiraled upwards, perfect for monster machines to drive on. Crusher normally did not like to climb up mountains that don't have racetracks, but he did it with no complaints.  

    Something had been bugging Crusher the minute his cheat worked. On Pickle. Crusher had cheated like that hundreds of times, why did that cheat, that moment make it feel like his engine had slowed down, and his tires had become heavier? 

    Crusher followed Blaze up the mountain, trying his best to not look down. The environment was quiet, the soft sounds of tires pressing against the rocky path were the only sounds that were heard. The two monster…

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