S4E1 Darington IDDarington, the stunt truck
Type: Monster Truck
Sex: Male
Residence: Axle City
Occupation: Monster Machine racer
Affiliations: Monster Dome
Animal Island
Personal Information
Enemies: Crusher (mostly)
Likes: Racing
Doing tricks
Dislikes: Crusher's cheats
Background Information
First appearance: Blaze of Glory
Voiced by: Alexander Polinsky (US)

Darington is a male Monster Machine who loves doing tricks and stunts, and one of the main characters of Blaze and the Monster Machines.


Darington was introduced in the series premiere Blaze of Glory. He was the first Monster Machine Blaze met at the Monster Dome, who was impressed by his tricks. He was also the second Monster Machine Blaze had to rescue upon being carried away by Crusher's Trouble Bubbles. Getting lost in a forest, he was ambushed by a group of grizzly trucks who wouldn't leave him alone, until Blaze and Stripes used a boat made out of some curved wood to float down the river.


Darington strives for attention and excitement, and true to his name, is a complete daredevil, loving to perform stunts of any kind. Despite this, he has a soft spot for his friends, and more often than not, ends up surprised by challenges Blaze faces.


Darington, like most characters, is a monster truck. He is painted white with deep blue linings on his lower framework and middle hood, and a white front bumper. His air filter is also outlined in white. His tires are outlined in the same blue with white hubcaps, and have star-shaped treadmarks. Two exhaust pipes stick out from above the rear tires, and the springs around the axles are blue as well. The top of his roof resembles a daredevil's helmet, and has a big, cape-like spoiler at the back with the same blue with gold lining stretching across. He also has several gold stars on his roof, hood and lower framework.

Powers and abilities


Coming soon.


Darington is the ultimate showman. He loves to dazzle with his amazing tricks and stunts even though he rarely sticks the landing. Despite being a bit unrealistic with what he can and can't do, Darington is a fearless competitor who never lets a few crashes stop him from dreaming big.

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