Gasquatch! Trivia

S1E13 Gasquatch "I love mud!"


  • Going by production order, this is the fourteenth episode of the first season.
  • This marks the debut of Gasquatch.
  • This is the first episode to feature a scene where all the main characters were together in the same shot.
  • There is a deleted scene featuring an alternate version of Gasquatch’s entrance. In the storyboard when Blaze gets the ball, he gets stuck in vines in a tree and Gasquactch sneezes Blaze out of the tree due to a bush of truckberries present, then Crusher runs away and the two meet each other. In the finished episode, Blaze lands in a mud puddle after getting the ball and Gasquatch rises out of the mud below him and Crusher leaves before the two talk as before.
  • When the scene shifts to Mud Fest after the STEM song, a Truck Ranger can be seen near the lower left, but they aren't officially introduced until the next episode.
  • When Blaze is describing inertia, his expression loosely resembles his Season 2-3 facemold.
  • Zeg speaks to Crusher for the first time.

Running Gags

  • Gasquatch sneezing whenever a bush of truckberries is present.
  • Crusher complaining about the mud.


  • Mud Fest is based on a real life event of the same name held in Louisiana.
  • The STEM song mentions Issac Newton, inventor of the laws of motion.
  • The music played at Mud Fest sounds similar to the theme song for PAW Patrol, another Nick Jr. show.


  • When Blaze is about to use Blazing Speed, his spoiler raises to let the boosters pop out, but when we see him from the front, his spoiler is down.
  • When Zeg hits the ball, he says “Zeg!” but the captions read “Save!”.
  • In one scene after Blaze activates Blazing Speed, his flame isn’t glowing.

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