Ninja Blaze
Ninja Blaze title card
Season: 4
Episode Number: 11
Production Code: #404
Topic: Strong force
Songs: Ninjas!
Stronger the Force
Transformation: Grappling hook launcher
Guest Star(s): DJ Khaled
Airing Information
Original airdate: October 18, 2018
Written by: Halcyon Pearson
Directed by: Shane Poettcker
Miguel Martinez-Joffre
Power Tires
Snow Day Showdown
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"Well, if you wanna be ninjas, me and my friends can show you how!"

Ninja Blaze is the 11th episode in Season 4 of Blaze and the Monster Machines.


Blaze and AJ find a dojo and meet ninja master Blackbelt, who trains them to be ninjas. But when Crusher and Pickle accidentally launch themselves onto a mountain, Blaze and AJ have to use their skills to fight their way to the rescue. Meanwhile, while waiting, Pickle tries to cheer Crusher up by singing familiar tunes, only to mess up the lyrics and for Crusher to tell him the words are wrong.


S4E11 Blackbelt introduces himself

Blaze and AJ meet Blackbelt, the ninja master.

Blaze and AJ are driving through the woods one day when they hear yelling in the distance. As they follow the noise, they come upon a dojo where they see where it's coming from: a group of ninjas. While there, they meet the leader Blackbelt, the ninja master. They tell Blackbelt their ninja moves are amazing, and to their surprise, he offers to give them lessons and show them how.

The two accept, and what follows is a montage of the two training, set to the song Ninjas!. When it's over, Blackbelt dubs them ninjas, and they start practicing their ninja chops together.

S4E11 Crusher realizes "Uh-oh..."

Crusher and Pickle make one small mistake.

Meanwhile, Crusher and Pickle also come upon the dojo and see the ninjas, including Blaze and AJ, all practicing together. Crusher claims he can do some ninja stuff which surprises Pickle, but while trying to throw something for him to chop from a launcher, he cannot push the lever. When the two push together, not only does the lever push but they also end up flying into the bucket, launching them far away.

S4E11 Pickle singing the wrong lyrics

"Row, row, row your ninja..." Pickle, those aren't the words!

Blackbelt and the others see Crusher and Pickle flying overhead, and AJ realizes they landed on a snowy mountain far from the dojo. Blackbelt realizes they need to be saved, and only someone with the skill and bravery of a ninja can do so. Blaze and AJ are confident they can, because they're ninjas now and can do anything. They set off and the ninjas wish them luck.

On the mountain, Pickle reassures Crusher that someone will come rescue them soon, and decides to sing a song to pass the time. However, he ends up singing the songs wrong, substituting the term "ninja" with the lyrics, which frustrates Crusher.

S4E11 Blaze punches the gate hard

The more Blaze speeds up, the stronger the force.

As Blaze does some chops in the forest, he spots a big bridge with a giant dragon gate ahead, which he must cross to get to the mountain. However, the gate closes right before he can pass through. He tries to break it down with a chop, but it doesn't work, so he'll have to hit it with more force by speeding up fast enough. He manages to reach a proper fast speed with help from the viewer, and successfully breaks down the gate. They go on while singing Stronger the Force.

Crusher and Pickle are still stuck, and Pickle tries singing again but like before, he still inserts "ninja" into the lyrics, which angers Crusher even more.

S4E11 Blaze climbs and dodges the stinky stars

Blaze tries to dodge the skunks' stinky stars.

Blaze comes upon a giant cliff, which he must climb to go on. AJ decides they should use a grappling hook to climb up, and Blaze turns into a grappling hook launcher to do so. They start off well, but are suddenly outnumbered by skunks throwing stinky stars at them. Blaze has an idea to get away: they have to hop on the ledge that has no skunk on it. Blaze succeeds with help from the viewer, and upon reaching the top, sees the mountain where Crusher and Pickle landed.

S4E11 Crusher and Pickle about to fall

Another mistake before even bigger trouble.

As Crusher begins to cry, Pickle tries once again with singing, only to use the word "ninja" again. When Crusher begins singing the right way, he starts having fun, but he dances so much the ledge he and Pickle are on breaks, sending them rolling downhill into a snowball. Blaze sees this and hurries after them.

S4E11 Blaze about to destroy the giant snowball

Blaze rescues Crusher and Pickle from the giant snowball.

As the snowball rolls, it ends up bumping the tops of other mountains, sending more snowballs rolling in Blaze's direction. Blaze manages to smash each of them with his ninja chops with help from the viewer, and with that, catches up to Crusher and Pickle, but by now, their snowball is really big. Blaze uses Blazing Speed to accelerate to his fastest speed ever and smashes the giant snowball, freeing Crusher and Pickle.

Pickle is excited that Blaze saved them, though Crusher is dazed for a moment, and the two are relieved that their safe. Pickle says he's so happy he could sing, and he begins singing with "ninja" in the lyrics once again, much to Crusher's chagrin. Blaze leads the two back the way they came.

S4E11 Blackbelt "You saved Crusher and Pickle"

Blackbelt is proud of Blaze for saving Crusher and Pickle.

Upon returning to the dojo, Blackbelt is glad to see Blaze and AJ rescued Crusher and Pickle, who agree with him. Blaze thanks Blackbelt for believing in them, and Blackbelt announces a ninja party as celebration. In a reprise of the first song, everyone sets up a party and even Crusher and Pickle are invited. One final pose from Blaze and AJ ends the episode.

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