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Season 1
S1 Theme Blaze and the Monster Machines titlecard
Episodes: 19 (20)
Network: Nickelodeon
Production Date(s): 2014
Premiere Episode: Blaze of Glory
Premiere Date: October 13, 2014
Finale Episode: Sneezing Cold
Finale Date: February 18, 2016
Season 2

The first season of Blaze and the Monster Machines began on October 13, 2014 in the United States and March 5, 2015 in the United Kingdom, and ended on February 18, 2016. This page is a showcase of each episode, and its premiere date.


  • This is the only season to date without a six-episode miniseries.
  • Blaze, AJ, Crusher and Pickle appear in all episodes.
  • Gabby was absent for seven episodes.
  • Stripes was absent for nine episodes.
  • Starla was absent for eight episodes and doesn't talk in one episode.
  • Darington was absent for eight episodes.
  • Zeg was absent for six episodes and doesn't talk in one episode.
Number Episode Description Airdate Prod. code Topic
1-2 Blaze of Glory Blaze encounters a cheater when he discovers the world of monster-machine racing in the series premiere of this animated show about the adventures of a monster truck and his best friend, a little boy who's also his driver. October 13, 2014 #101-#102 Bouyancy
3 The Driving Force When Starla loses one of her pistons, Blaze and AJ must get it for her before Crusher can take it. October 20, 2014 #103 Force
4 Tool Duel Gabby is the mechanic all the Monster Machines in town count on to fix them up. But when Crusher steals all her tools, Gabby needs Blaze's help to get them back! October 21, 2014 #104 Friction
5 The Bouncy Tires

When Zeg tries on a new set of tires, he bounces out of control. Blaze and AJ have to figure out how to stop him.

Absent: Stripes

October 22, 2014 #105 Adhesion
6 Epic Sail

Crusher's sail boat race leaves Blaze and the machines stranded.

Absent: Starla, Darington, Zeg

October 28, 2014 #107 Wind power
7 Stuntmania!

Darington has built the ultimate stunt-track, and every Monster Machine in town is coming to see the show! But when a jealous Crusher tricks Darington and sends him far, far away, it's up to Blaze and AJ to rescue him.

Absent: Gabby, Stripes, Starla, Zeg

October 30, 2014 #106 Accelleration
8 The Jungle Horn

Stripes loves his jungle horn, a special instrument that can summon all the animals in the jungle. But when a jealous Crusher steals it, Blaze and Stripes must speed after him in a wild chase to get it back.

Absent: Gabby, Starla, Darington, Zeg

November 4, 2014 #109 Balance
9 The Team Truck Challenge

It's the day of the Team Truck Challenge, a race where all the trucks get to compete in teams of two! But when Crusher chooses a new partner instead of Pickle, his disappointed sidekick teams up with Blaze to prove his mettle.

Absent: Gabby, Stripes, Starla, Darington, Zeg

November 6, 2014 #108 Mass
10 Cake-tastrophe!

When a hungry Crusher accidentally turns the baker truck's baker bots to messy mode, they sprout wheels and drive away! It's up to AJ and Blaze to track down all the rampaging robots before Axle City is blanketed in baked goods.

Absent: Starla (non-speaking), Stripes, Zeg (non-speaking)

January 6, 2015 #111 Trajectory
11 Truckball Team-Up

Blaze discovers an exciting new sport called Truckball. But when Crusher and his team of cronies challenge him, Blaze must scour all of Axle City to put together a Truckball team before the big game.

Absent: Stripes

January 8, 2015 #110 Levers
12 The Mystery Bandit

A metallic trophy is swiped from Blaze, so he searches for the bandit who took it.

Absent: Stripes, Starla, Darington

February 17, 2015 #112 Magnets
13 Gasquatch! Blaze and AJ are deep in the woods when they discover and befriend a mud-loving monster truck named Gasquatch. Now, they must set out on an epic adventure to bring their new friend to Mud Fest... the muddiest party of all time. February 19, 2015 #114 Inertia
14 Truck Rangers Blaze and his friends join the Truck Rangers, a scouting club where trucks earn badges for their accomplishments. March 10, 2015 #115 Sound Waves
15 Trouble at the Truck Wash Blaze and AJ must track down the missing pieces of Gabby's Truck Wash and rebuild it so their friends can get clean. March 12, 2015 #116 Angles
16 Zeg and the Egg

Zeg, Blaze and AJ find a tiny dinosaur egg and try to return it to its mother.

Absent: Gabby, Stripes, Starla, Darington

April 3, 2015 #113 Wedges
17 Runaway Rocket

When Crusher tries to cheat at a carnival game, he accidentally strands himself and Pickle on a giant rocket.

Absent: Gabby, Starla, Darington

May 5, 2015 #119 Springs
18 Cattle Drive

When Blaze and Starla encounter a herd of cows wandering in the desert, they embark on a wild west adventure to bring the cows back to Starla's barn.

Absent: Gabby, Stripes, Darington, Zeg

May 7, 2015 #117 Currents
19 Dragon Island Duel

It's the day of the Dragon Island Duel, a one-on-one race between Blaze and Crusher around tropical Dragon Island. But when Crusher cheats and sends Blaze away before the race, AJ must set out to rescue his best friend and bring him back to the starting line.

Absent: Gabby, Stripes, Starla, Darington, Zeg

May 25, 2015 #118 Investigation
20 Sneezing Cold Gabby, Blaze and AJ are out in the wilderness when they get a call - Blaze's friends have come down with a sickness called the Sneezles! Our heroes must race back to Axle City to bring the sick trucks the medicine oil they need. June 4, 2015 #120 Temperature


  • Being the first season, this is the only season of a few things:
    • The only season with no six-episode miniseries.
    • The only season where Blaze uses Blazing Speed exclusively alone.
  • A lot of the scenes in many episodes were slightly choppy for a moment in the digital releases of the season. Only releases on and its app were not affected.
  • This is the only season available on Netflix.
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