S3E10 Starla IDStarla, the cowgirl truck
Type: Monster Truck
Sex: Female
Residence: Ranch
Occupation: Monster Machine racer
Truck Ranger
Affiliations: Monster Dome
Animal Island
Personal Information
Enemies: Crusher
Likes: Racing
Her farm animals
Dislikes: Crusher's cheats
Background Information
First appearance: Blaze of Glory
Voiced by: Kate Higgins (US)

Starla is a female cowgirl Monster Machine, and one of the main characters of Blaze and the Monster Machines.


Starla first appeared in the series premiere Blaze of Glory. She was the second Monster Machine Blaze met, when practicing her lasso tricks for the championship race. She was also the final Monster Machine Blaze had to rescue after Crusher's Trouble Bubbles carried her away. She was stuck in a hole and Blaze, Stripes, Darington and Zeg used a pulley to lift her out. She also had the idea for Blaze to race for the first time upon returning to the Monster Dome.


Starla is shown to be hard-working and laid back. She’s spunky and courageous, always willing to help anyone in need. She loves lassoing and running her farm, and doing all sorts of cowgirl moves.


Starla, like most characters, is a monster truck. She is purple with a white trim on the bottom. She wears a white cowgirl hat with a purple star in the middle. Her tires have a horseshoe pattern on it, and its rims are white. Starla also has a lasso rope on her side.

Powers and abilities



Starla is a hootin', hollerin cowgirl Monster Machine. A roping expert, Starla's as quick with a lasso as she is on the racetrack. Starla is an outspoken personality who's never shy about expressing herself through the occasional country song or with a bellowing shout of "yee-haw!" - Official press release,

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