The Pickle Family Campout
The Pickle Family Campout title card
Season: 4
Episode Number: 2
Production Code: #402
Topic: Load
Songs: The Pickle Family Song
Transformation: Tow Truck
Guest Star(s): Stephanie Courtney
Judy Greer
Steve Little
Wendi McLendon-Covey
Chris Parnell
Jim Rash
Airing Information
Original airdate: April 6, 2018
Written by: Veronica Pickett
Clark Stubbs
Directed by: Shawn Gulley
Miguel Martinez-Joffre
The Chicken Circus!
Robot Power
"I mean, with your Tow Truck power, and my Pickle power, we can save everyone together!"

The Pickle Family Campout is the 2nd episode in Season 4 of Blaze and the Monster Machines.


Blaze and AJ meet Pickle's family members at their family campout, but when the relatives go missing, the three work together to find them. Back at the camp, Crusher tries to babysit Pickle's mischievous baby sister.


S4E2 Blaze "I'll pull you out of there!"

This episode begins with a rescue mission.

Pickle begins by filling a knapsack with things to go camping with, and is excited to go camping until he falls down a cliff and gets stuck. Since he'll need help, he tries calling for a tow truck, but when he gets no response, he thinks he'll be stuck for a while.

Eventually Blaze shows up, transforming into a tow truck and pulls Pickle out of the gorge. Pickle is amazed at what Blaze did before AJ notices his knapsack and asks why he has it, so he decides to show them.

S4E2 Pickle addresses his relatives

Pickle rallies up his family to find firewood.

Pickle takes the two to a campsite, where they meet trucks that look just like Pickle. He reveals it's the "Pickle Family Campout" and leads them in a rousing song, and introduces each of the members; there's his cousins Ben, Ken and Sven, his sisters Lilly, Milly, Tilly and Frilly, and his grandpa. After the song, he takes a photo of them and announces it's time to roast marshmallows over the fire, but since there's no firewood they set out to gather some. Pickle asks Crusher to come too, but he says no, so he is tasked with babysitting Baby Gherkin, who takes a liking to him.

S4E2 Pickle shocked by Grandpa's danger

Pickle gets an urgent call from his family.

Just as Blaze and AJ are about to help Pickle, his pickle phone rings and gets a call from the cousins, who reveal they found lots of wood in the forest, but it's also full of tickling spiders and they're trapped. He then gets another call from the sisters, who also found firewood but are floating on it in a swamp. Then Grandpa calls him and reveals he found firewood of his own, only to reveal he's in a cave. Pickle is worried, but Blaze and AJ decide to help him find his family which he happily accepts.

S4E2 Blaze sees Ben

The cousins are stuck in the tickling spiders' webs.

While searching through the forest, Pickle encounters Ben stuck in a spider web for hiding, but they found him anyway. To free him, Blaze says they need a heavy load - how much weight something holds. They manage to find things to toss into the web and make the load heavier with help from the viewer, freeing Ben. They do the same for Ken and Sven, with Pickle himself used for the last one. They continue on as Blaze and AJ sing a Load song in the background.

S4E2 Crusher "She likes it"

Crusher babysits Baby Gherkin.

Back at the campsite, Crusher is taking care of Gherkin and gives her her bottle, but Crusher is hungry too and spies a bag of marshmallows he can eat while no one's looking. Gherkin stops him and wants him to share, but when he refuses, Gherkin swaps a marshmallow with her baby bottle, which disgusts him, but she finds it funny.

S4E2 Sisters floating away on logs

The sisters are stuck in a swamp.

In the forest, Pickle spots his sisters floating away in the swamp, so Blaze decides to use his tow truck power to rescue them. However the sisters have disappeared, and they don't know where they went. Blaze finds them with help from the viewer, and rescues them in turn.

Back at camp, Crusher is playing with Gherkin when she starts yawning as it's her naptime. Crusher then decides to use this opportunity to eat the marshmallows while she naps. After singing her to sleep, he attempts to eat the marshmallows but before he can do so, Gherkin swaps one of them with her pacifier, much to his annoyance.

S4E2 Grandpa's rock starts to break

Grandpa is stuck inside a volcano.

Meanwhile, Grandpa is the only one left to be rescued, and they come upon the volcano where he's trapped. Once they find him, the rock he's standing on starts to break, because it doesn't support his load. Blaze uses his tow truck cable to swing them across the lava, choosing the right rocks to land on with the viewer's assistance and saving Grandpa just before his rock breaks.

Pickle and Grandpa embrace each other, but the reunion is cut short when the whole volcano rumbles, signalling it's about to erupt soon. Blaze uses his Blazing Speed to get them out fast enough, and with the whole Pickle Family reunited, they hurry back to the camp just as the volcano starts erupting.

S4E2 Final shot of Pickles singing

The campout resumes without delay.

That night, Pickle announces the start of the campout, and everyone starts roasting marshmallows. Even Crusher finally gets a marshmallow of his own when Gherkin shares one of hers with him. The family ends the episode with a reprise of their song.

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