The Super-Size Prize
The Super-Size Prize title card
Season: 4
Episode Number: 6
Production Code: #405
Topic: Mechanical Engineering
Songs: Get To Work!
Mechanical Engineering
Transformation: Sky Sprayer
Toothbrush Sub
Pizza Mobile
Airing Information
Original airdate: June 26, 2018
Written by: Morgan von Ancken
Directed by: Shawn Gulley
Miguel Martinez-Joffre
Robots to the Rescue
T-Rex Trouble
"We can find jobs to earn money!"
"And when we've earned three coins, we'll get a super-size prize of our very own!
AJ and Blaze

The Super-Size Prize is the 6th episode in Season 4 of Blaze and the Monster Machines. It marks Season 4’s midseason finale.


Blaze wants to get a prize from a special machine at the Axle City Fair, but he and AJ don't have enough coins. Blaze travels around town to do jobs for various trucks to earn some money before the machine runs out. Elsewhere, Pickle gets jobs of his own which puts Crusher in some strange predicaments.


S4E6 Everyone looks at the super-size prize machine

The super-size prize machine opens at the Axle City Fair.

The episode starts with Blaze and AJ bouncing in the bouncy house, and greeting the viewer saying they're at the Axle City Fair and are enjoying all the rides and attractions. For each attraction they use, they have to pay coins, so they brought a lot of coins so they're prepared.

The two then spot a barker presenting a special machine called a "super-size prize machine", which appears to be a giant gumball machine with capsules in it. To get one, the user has to pay three coins. When two trucks get a bouncy ball and elephant toy respectively, they grow to giant size upon being opened, revealing why they're called super-size prizes.

S4E6 Blaze dancing past mail trucks

Blaze and AJ are ready to get to work.

AJ likes the super-size prizes, and Blaze wants to get one, but to his dismay, they have no coins left. To get more, they'll have to earn them by finding jobs to do all over town. The two set off as AJ sings the song Get To Work!.

S4E6 Blaze sprays the first flowerbox

For the first job, Blaze waters flowers.

Blaze then spots their friend, Lucy the gardner, who invites them over and presents them with a job: water all the flowers on a giant building nearby. They accept the job, but since the building is really tall and they don't have a machine to reach the flowers, they decide to use mechanical engineering and invent a machine of their own.

Using mechanical engineering, Blaze turns himself into a sky sprayer, which allows him to reach up to the flowers and water them. When he gets from one flowerbox to another, he finds the right place to squirt with help from the viewer, and after all the flowers are watered, Lucy rewards him with a coin.

S4E6 Crusher confused at Pickle's job

Pickle gets his own jobs much to Crusher's confusion.

Elsewhere, Pickle has gotten a job as a waiter at a restaurant much to Crusher's confusion. He invites him to help out, but he says no, since he has to be really strong to lift the tray of food he's carrying. When Crusher holds the tray to prove it, Pickle adds more foods until Crusher slips up and the food spills on him.

S4E6 Blaze about to brush the yellow fish's teeth

For the second job, Blaze helps brush some fish teeth.

Blaze continues on, and AJ gets a call from Brodie the dentist, who gives them a job of brushing the teeth of her three pet fish. When they get to the dock, the fish slip underwater, so Blaze uses mechanical engineering and becomes a toothbrush sub to follow them. Blaze finds each fish with help from the viewer, and in return, brushes their teeth. Brodie gives her fish stickers and Blaze a coin. AJ notices the super-size prize machine has only a few prizes left, so Blaze hurries off as Mechanical Engineering plays.

Meanwhile, Pickle has gotten another job as a construction worker, and invites Crusher to jackhammer the street with him which he denies, but when he points out he needs to be tough enough, Crusher tries out the jackhammer but it goes out of control and sends him landing in a mud puddle.

S4E6 Blaze makes the first delivery

For the third job, Blaze makes pizza deliveries.

Blaze and AJ then run into Robbie the pizza truck, who gives them a job of delivering three pizzas for him. Since they don't have any pizzas, Blaze uses mechanical engineering and becomes a pizza mobile to make some. As he makes the pizzas, he is persued by a chicken who wants to eat them, so Blaze hurries to find the buildings to deliver them to with the viewer's help. The third building happens to be a chicken coop, and it belongs to the chicken who was following them and she gets a pizza too.

S4E6 Trucks gather round the super-size marshmallow

Blaze's super-size prize is a giant marshmallow to bounce on!

Robbie congratulates Blaze for the job and awards him a coin, and now he has enough to get a super-size prize. AJ then realizes there's only one prize left in the machine, and they have to hurry back fast. They use Blazing Speed to return to the fair just in time, and Blaze gets the last prize, which is a marshmallow which grows really huge. He invites all the other trucks over, and they eat and bounce on it together.

In the final scene, Pickle is now playing guitar for trucks in the park, and reveals to Crusher he got a job as a musician. He invites Crusher to form a band with him, but he refuses, and as Pickle points out, he needs a lot of talent. When Crusher plays the guitar to prove it, he falls off the stage and crashes into some trash cans, and Pickle sings, "Oh, yeah!"

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