S1E12 Blaze ready for a transformation This user is a fast Monster Machine like Blaze.

S1E3 AJ turns the wheel This user is a Monster Machine’s best friend like AJ.

S1E1-2 AJ agrees with that idea This user helped Blaze become a Monster Machine Racer in Blaze of Glory.

S1E3 Gabby knows why This user helped Blaze get back Starla's piston in The Driving Force.

S1E9 Pickle questions Blaze "Mass?" This user competed with Blaze and Pickle in The Team Truck Challenge.

S1E14 Gabby gives a Super Frog Finding badge to Blaze This user helped Blaze earn his ranger badges in Truck Rangers.

S2E4-5 Blaze and friends "Keep on rolling" This user helped Blaze and his friends never give up during the Race to the Top of the World.

S3E9 Animals surrounding Blaze, AJ and Stripes This user discovered Animal Island and retrieved the stolen animal powers.

S3E16 Pegwheel "Well, what do you know?" This user joined Blaze, AJ and Pegwheel on a Race for the Golden Treasure.

S4E2 Pickles searching for Grandpa This user helped Blaze and Pickle rescue the members of Pickle's family in The Pickle Family Campout.

S4E3 The robot's force is stronger This user helped Robot Blaze stop the wrecking robots with Robot Power.

S4E12 Blaze made one more snowball This user joined the Snow Day Showdown to help Blaze get the hot chocolate before Crusher.

S4E14 AJ "Time to see who needs our help" This user is on patrol with Officer Blaze.

S4E15 AJ says you're welcome This user found the magic sunstone for Roarian, The Flying Lion.

S1E10 Blaze smiling with confidence Come on, let's Hit The Road with this user!

S2E1 Blaze zigzags past road cones Rev it up and hit the road with this user! Blaze On!

S1E3 Blaze gives orange truck a push When it's time to move, this user needs a Force to make them go.

S1E4 Blaze slips on wet road Friction always slows this user down.

S1E5 Blaze holds up a bandage This user makes two different things stick together with Adhesion.

S1E8 Blaze balances the wood This user keeps anything steady with Balance.

S1E17 Truck puts pipes on a spring This user thinks Springs are the coolest things!


Hi everyone! My name is Happy2432 and I am a huge fan of Blaze and the Monster Machines. Blaze is my favorite character, and I love him soooooo much!

I am the head bureaucrat/administrator of this wiki, and I am working hard to bring this wiki to life. This show is also special to me since it teaches all those STEM concepts, and I learn a lot from such.

Let's Blaze!





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