So,I said in the comments that I have a theory about Starla and Blaze.So just like that,when I wacthed the episodes that Starla was in,I came up with this theory.I saw Starla's actions nearby Blaze.If your thinking I'm making a villain theory,I'm not.It might be possible that Starla has a crush on Blaze and Blaze has a crush on her back.There are some things that caused me to think this:Blaze of Glory:Starla seems extremley happy to meet Blaze.Truck Rangers:Blaze is more worried than any other time he's rescued someone or something when Starla is about to lose her grip.Truckball Team-up: Blaze recruits Starla first and gets her down from the robo-beanstalks first.So,yeah.Do you believe my theory?