• Happy2432

    An update...

    March 17, 2020 by Happy2432

    Hi. Just a quick reminder to apologize for the lack of work on the new episodes.

    The reason I haven't continued my work yet is because I'm also at work on the Abby Hatcher Wiki which I have been falling behind on episode galleries. I feel it's difficult to juggle both wikis at once.

    So I am saying, can you handle as much as you can while I'm busy? Specifically try to work on the red-linked songs or at least finish parts of the transcript.


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  • Happy2432

    About the new episode...

    December 7, 2019 by Happy2432

    So here are my opinions on the most recent episode Toy Trouble!. Feel free to comment.

    • Gabby and Watts finally appeared! Man, it took six whole episodes this season!
    • The way the toys grew that big was epic.
    • Pickle's toys are NUTS!
    • Blaze and Watts get to share the spotlight together again.

    • Crusher is never punished for pressing the red button. Granted, AJ could've seen Crusher up ahead with his Visor View, and yet none of them realize he did it.
    • What Blaze and the gang did with the toys at the end was fun, but it was kind of selfish of them to play with the toys themselves. Wouldn't they have given one to Crusher, since he didn't get anything to play with?
    • Pickle was once again ignored.
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  • Happy2432

    Seasonal predictions

    September 8, 2019 by Happy2432
    • New holiday episodes (Hope Blaze's friends speak in the Christmas one, as they didn't speak in Monster Machine Christmas)
    • The speed lights return
    • We see the homes of Blaze and the others (Only Stripes, Zeg and Starla have their homes revealed to date)
    • Crusher and Pickle get in a fight
    • We see everyone's families (especially their parents)
    • An episode that shows how Blaze and AJ first met
    • We see the cast as children or babies
    • An episode where Blaze gets a baby sibling
    • A "first day of school" episode
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  • Happy2432

    About Blaze's designs

    August 20, 2019 by Happy2432

    Over the years, the animation has indeed changed as the show went on. One thing I noticed about this is Blaze's design, mostly his face changes as well. He has went through three whole designs over the course of the show, and they've changed in detail.

    This is Blaze's most-known design, and by far my favorite and the cutest. Notice how his smile is wide and broad, and mostly curves out to the side often or becomes narrowed. Eyes are big and expressive, and the paintwork is its original reddish orange with noticeable drop shadows on the lower edge. Sadly, this version didn't go on as it changed slightly after Season 1, though it still makes brief appearances as an animation error. It's also the only design we see in promotional art as of now…

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  • Happy2432

    Hi. The show is now in its fifth season and is still going great! Even with the animation changing from Season 3 things have went well, albeit with some changes. Here are my thoughts. You're free to comment.

    • Thanks to the animation update, everything has gotten! The backgrounds are more realistic and less cartoony like the first two seasons, especially distant shots of Axle City. The animals also resemble their real life counterparts, and we can see reflections on the trucks!
    • Blaze's Blazing Speed is better than before.
    • Crusher's subplots keep getting funnier and funnier!
    • I love what the animation update did to Blaze, giving him taillights and trimming. AJ and Gabby also receive a few updates to their wardrobe as well.
    • Crusher has s…

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