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S4E5 Watts ID.pngWatts, the electric truck
Type: Monster truck (Age 17-20)
Residence: Axle City
Occupation: Monster Machine racer
Affiliations: Monster Dome
Personal Information
Enemies: Crusher
Likes: Racing
Her electric charge
Dislikes: Crusher's cheats
Background Information
First appearance: Fast Friends
Voiced by: Melanie Minichino (US)

Watts is a female Monster Machine who likes to make electricity, and one of the main characters of Blaze and the Monster Machines. She is the latest addition to the Monster Machines, joining the main cast as of Season 3.


Watts with Gabby in her introductory episode.

Watts first appears in Fast Friends, as the new truck who visits Blaze, AJ and Gabby after they fix an old ramp in the jungle. She's astounded and wants to try it, and invites Gabby to be her driver. Coincidentally, Gabby never been anyone's driver before and Watts never had someone drive her.

However, when Watts invited Blaze and AJ on a friendly drive, she gets diverted downhill by falling rocks and loses one of her tires after it bangs against a log. Luckily, Blaze, AJ and Gabby manage to get the tire back and return it to her. They happily resume their drive together, officially becoming Blaze's newest friend.

Watts later became part of Blaze's core group of friends, hanging out with him from time to time. The first time she was part of said group was in Robots to the Rescue, when she discovered Robot Headquarters and wondered what it's like to be a robot. She transforms into one along with the other Monster Machines and helps out in the three big emergencies. She does it again in Robots in Space when Space Commander Megan crashes on Pluto and everyone had to save her.


Like Blaze, Watts is shown to have a fun and outgoing personality and loves adventure. She's always caring for her friends, and even enjoys Gabby's company in return. She's always confident in herself and is willing to help anyone in need.


Watts has a rather unique truck appearance unlike the other Monster Machines. Like Blaze, she's a topless Monster Truck. She is painted metallic hot pink with a silver bumper and lower framework, and has a six-pointed grille. She has a light bar on her roof and a winged spoiler sticking out her upper back. There is a charcoal hexagonal pattern stretching across her framework and backside. What sets her apart from the other trucks is her electric tires, which are yellow and transparent, and have lightning bolt shaped treadmarks similar to Crusher's. Her shock absorbers have pink springs, and has a "W" monogrammed onto her seat, control panel and back. Since she's powered by electricity, she has electric coils on her side doors and has an electric engine just above her tail lights.

Starting from Season 4, Watts' eyes became more oval-shaped in appearance, and her grille has four points instead of six and is darker.

Powers and abilities

Watts using her Electric Charge to activate a vacuum.

Watts’ signature power is her Electric Charge. Whenever she wants to, she can use her electric tires to make electricity and power something up without needing to plug it in. When Watts activates this ability, she shouts “Electric...Charge!” and zaps the coil needed to power up the device. She can also make lightbulbs light up, and can even illuminate an entire room.



Gabby is Watts's best friend and driver, similar to AJ and Blaze.

Blaze and AJ

The Monster Machines


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