Zeg Trivia

S1E11 Zeg happy to be freed

S3E12 Zeg can't fit


  • Zeg often speaks like a caveman (eg. "Me love being cool!")
    • Zeg also appears to speak in third person (saying his name instead of "me").
  • It's been implied a couple times in the series that Zeg came from an egg. In Zeg and the Egg, an egg hatches into a baby Truckodactyl.
  • Zeg is the sixth Monster Machine other than Blaze to sing something, as shown in Zeg and the Egg as he sings a lullaby to the Truckodactyl egg.
    • The first was Darington.
    • The second was Crusher.
    • The third was Starla.
    • The fourth was Pickle.
    • The fifth was Stripes.
  • Zeg is the second character to sing a STEM song with Blaze and AJ, Wedge in Zeg and the Egg.
  • Zeg has his own leitmotif that plays whenever he appears, consisting of a prehistoric theme with bongos and a marimba.
  • Zeg, Stripes, Watts and Blaze are the only main characters to have one-syllable names.
  • Zeg is the third Monster Machine whose home was shown after Stripes and Starla.
  • He and Darington are the only Monster Machines who don't earn badges in Truck Rangers.
  • Zeg is the third Monster Machine other than Crusher to cry, as seen in Tool Duel. The second was Starla.
  • Zeg can hold things with his tail. This is seen in Zeg and the Egg, when he carried the egg, and in Race to the Top of the World, when he held the umbrella, proving it to be prehensile.
  • In Race to the Top of the World, Zeg reveals he can’t swim. Coincidentally, a triceratops can’t swim in real life.
  • Zeg holds a fascination for space, as seen in Robots in Space, when he was able to recite 3 facts about it. (Albeit being off about Pluto's distance from Earth by half a billion kilometres, and Saturn’s rings by one ring more.)
  • Zeg appeared the least in Season 3, only appearing five times. He shares this with Starla and Darington.
  • Sometimes when Zeg greets Blaze or thanks him, he gives him a hug so tight that he struggles to breathe. So far, this happened in Blaze of Glory, Truckball Team-Up and Robots in Space.